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Welcome to Pearls Global Impact (PGI), and thank you so much for stopping by!

Pearls Global Impact is borne out of the passion to empower people to maximize their God-Given Potentials. And the name Pearls Global Impact was coined out of the fact that, inspiring and empowering people to become better versions of themselves is something I hold very dear to my heart. And my vision is to use this platform to reach out to anyone on the face of the planet who desires to become better at what they do.

I will teach you how to simplify your life and become more productive at what you do. 

Are you an individual, Business owner or Corporate entity seeking to simplify your work process, and achieve more in less time? Do you need expertise in creating a manual of operating procedures that will help to simplify your work processes?  Do you need to write compelling contents or articles for your websites, blogs or Company web pages? Then, you are in the right place. Why hire a Company, when You can hire an independent Professional for less and with outstanding results?

At PGI, you will discover your passions and inner strengths, and unearth the tools required to help you achieve your life’s or business goals better, and smarter. 

As a Consultant and Prolific Content Writer, I possess the perfect blend of skills, to help you take your career, life or business to the next level.

Feel free to follow my blog for daily doses of inspiration and process improvement, and you can also reach out to me with your specific business needs or inquiries at eviabada@pearlsglobalimpact.org

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada, MD, MS