How to set Goals that Work

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Have you ever found yourself trying very hard to achieve a certain goal and your efforts seem futile and unproductive?

Have you ever gone back to the drawing board to try and figure out what might be making that goal seem ‘impossible’ to achieve? I have.

And I must tell you that the experience in itself is not a very pleasant one, per se. I mean, as humans we all at different times in our lives need some gratification for all our hard work. But, when the gratification desired seems to continuously evade us, it sure calls for some form of re-evaluation.

In working successfully over the years to achieve different goals at different time points in my life, I have discovered some key ingredients that increase the likelihood of success. And that is, it is not useful enough to say you want to get something done if you are unable to define the parameters of that goal.

Meaning that, in order to increase the probability of success with our goals, we must be ready and equipped with the right tools and information to answer 3 specific questions. And these questions are:

  • What is my current location?
  • Where am I headed?
  • How do I get to my desired destination?

These are the 3 fundamental questions we need to answer for ourselves when trying to achieve a particular goal or when trying to improve an existing process overall.

Many times, I tend to see people say they want to get certain things done with their lives but are unable to follow through with their plans.

I, myself have been a victim of this vicious cycle before until I realized that in order for me to get to my desired destination in life, I must begin from my current location.

In other words, I must have a baseline or benchmark through which I can juxtapose my successes or in some cases failures.

We can’t just go about saying we want to achieve “certain” goals without a roadmap for where we are headed. And we can only be headed somewhere if we have a starting point.

We all want better lives, but the definition of what a better life means to me might be significantly different from what that means to you.

But, if you are to take anything away from this piece it is realizing and understanding the fact that it is not enough to set goals. But we must be able to define the processes that would take us to that desired position of success.

This approach can also be applied to any process improvement project. In order for you to improve an existing system, you must be familiar with what the baseline is. What is “the now?” “What systems are in place now that needs to be improved?”

For example, if you are one that is into this weight loss thing like me, then you must be able to define the parameters of your weight loss regimen.

How much do you weigh now? What is your desired weight loss? How do you intend to get your desired body shape?

Having these parameters all defined would give you a basis for comparison as you put in your best efforts towards achieving success. That way, you have something to look back upon, draw comparisons with and make amends or adjustments along the way when needed.

These days, there a lot of social media apps and technology that can help you keep track of your progress with your life’s goals. Some of these social media apps are super helpful in that they can even give you a graphical representation of what all your efforts are.

Take advantage of these, because having to connect with your progress (or lack of it) visually has a way to stimulate you to continue to do whatever is working and putting away whatever may be keeping you off the mark.

So, when next you want to set meaningful goals that would give you the result you desire, make sure you understand the full parameters of what that lifestyle change entails.

And try to tailor your actions (and inactions) to align strategically in a manner that gives you the ability to compare and contrast your journey with where you were at the baseline.

All the very best!!!

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