How I am Raising my Children the Old-fashioned Way


How I am raising my children the old fashioned way.Pic.jpg

I was raised in a traditional family setting, with both of my parents and my siblings. Growing up, the fundamentals of culture, respect, and love for self and others formed the basis of our upbringing.

My parents were very keen on ensuring that we regarded our fellow man with dignity and respect and that principle has been a part of my life up into my adult years.

Growing up in an environment with limited resources, we were always taught to not judge our successes or failures in life, based on the magnitude of our material wealth.

We were taught that we are our own best cheerleaders and thus have the responsibility to project ourselves to others in the way we wanted them to regard us. Meaning that we were not supposed to allow other people’s opinions of us define how we lived our lives.

My siblings and I were taught the importance and blessings that accompanied showing respect for not only our parents but also for our elders. We were taught to be courteous and considerate of others, as well as being sensitive to their feelings.

We were also taught to work hard and not grow up with any feeling of entitlement, regardless of how successful we became.

In addition, my parents never failed to remind us to always remember the home we came from and to allow that realization judge our actions whenever we were outside our home.

My father especially used to emphasize this statement, “try never to get involved with anything you know would bring shame and disgrace to this family. And let that guide your actions wherever you go.”

And one very important point my father also always made reference to was the fact that, with God on our sides, we could dream as wide and high as possible and have faith that God would help us achieve our dreams.

Those were the fundamental principles upon which I was raised. And many years after leaving the confines of my parents’ home to go live life as an adult, those words, principles, and advice still continue to hold true for me to this day.

And it is my intention to pass those same guiding principles that have shaped who I have become today, unto my own children.

If we all continue to say that, “children are the leaders of tomorrow” but fail to take the necessary steps to see that come through, we may as well just be babbling.

As someone who taught kids Sunday school for 5 years, as well as raising my own children, I can say children are incredibly malleable. They can be molded and shaped into what we want them to be (of course with the grace of God) if we are ready to put in the hard work.

Children can also be described as sponges. They can absorb as much as we want them to, while we are also able to squeeze out all the things we do not want to be a part of their lives. But achieving this requires commitment and dedication on the part of the adults raising these children.

And that is why I am raising my children in the archaic, antiquated or old-fashioned way that I was raised by my parents.

I am not the kind of person that would treat others unkindly or take others for granted. I am also not the type of person that would judge others based on my perceptions of what they are or are not.

I am also the kind of person that believes in working smart and enjoying the dividends of all my smart work. And I am also an incredible person of faith, believing only in the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent nature of the Almighty God.

And I want my children to grow up living life by adopting these same principles which some may call “old-fashioned” that my parents raised me up with.

It goes without saying that there are a lot of corrupting influences all around us today. With the accessibility of the internet and the ill wind of social media, there is so much out there that can sway our children off the right track.

However, a proper foundation rooted in love, effective communication and the fear of God increases the likelihood that they would grow up becoming responsible citizens of society, just as I have grown up to be today.

Therefore, one of the jobs I take very seriously is that of being a mother. Because, I want my children to grow up becoming a blessing to their world and society, and not the reverse. That is why during their formative years, I am doing the best that I can, with the grace that God has bestowed upon me to raise them upright.

I would not allow civilization, the internet or trends on social media dictate how I have to raise my children.

These days, parents are allowing our current digital age run the way they raise their kids. People want to do things they think are ‘in vogue’, and by extension have let that influence how they raise their children.

But for me, it is more paramount to raise my children in an atmosphere of love, respect for self and others, and in the fear of God.

Because, once they know that the whole duty of a man or a woman is to love God as well as loving their neighbors as themselves, they would undoubtedly become the best citizens of society!

Thank you for reading my piece.

All the very best,


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