The Life Lesson I learned From Delaying my Goals


The life lesson I learned from delaying on my goals.Pic.jpg

You may not know this but the most difficult aspect of accomplishing a project, dream or goal is usually the first part.

I have found through years of carrying out personal and group projects that the courage to begin is usually what eludes a lot of people.

And a lot of that stems from fear. More often than not, we are often glued in one spot without making any advancements because we allow ourselves to be overtaken by fear (usually of the unknown), which in itself presents in different forms.

As someone who works on several work-related projects at the same time, I have found that without giving much thought to it, I somehow push or postpone seemingly difficult tasks to sometime in the future.

I instead used to opt to tackle projects I deemed easier first while postponing ‘the evil day’ to when I needed to actually face the projects I had been running away from.

I did this for a while before I discovered that I was actually doing myself a disservice. Because, I found that, most of the time, I underestimated what would be required of me (both in terms of time and mental commitment) to actually get the job done.

Then, in the end, I frequently found myself under a lot of stress and tension, trying desperately to meet tight deadlines. Until it dawned on me that I needed to change my approach.

I changed my approach to getting my job done because I realized that I could not really run away from things that seemed awkward or too difficult to tackle.

At best, I was only delaying getting them done, but in the end, I still needed to get them done anyway, which proved to be more difficult and stressful.

So, even though I have since changed my work ethic, I have not missed the opportunity to learn a significant life lesson from the experience. And that is, ‘we can only delay what needs to get done, but we can not really avoid getting it done’.

So, why waste all the time dancing around in circles when I could have long completed the work?

Many times, it’s our fear of the unknown that keeps us grounded in one spot. All the many “what if’s” that we find ourselves asking. And these days, the internet and social media have not even made it any easier.

Because, if you go online and google the reasons why a particular goal would not work or how difficult it may be to get a task completed, we would find a thousand and one reasons.

Therefore, if you must make good on your dreams and create a life that you love, you must be ready to rise above your fears and doubt and just take that first step.

The first step is the most difficult step, but once you have taken it, you will find that there is no turning back and somehow find a way to see that project through.

If you know you are the type that gets easily distracted with external forces such as Facebook or other social media outlets while trying to achieve your dreams, then it might be worthwhile to just give yourself a break from all those things.

Because you know why? It’s your life and you deserve to give it your best shot!

Therefore, it’s time to quit the excuses and distractions and just go ahead and get that stuff done!

Peace and Love,


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  1. The first part is definitly the hardest! Once we get over the hump of just starting the rest starts to flow! Great post, thank you for sharing! Big love, Xx


    1. Evi Abada says:

      Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. I totally appreciate it!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for an inspirational post 🙂 I look forward to reading many more! Xx


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