This is Why You Are Not (YET) Successful


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For three years, I pursued a dream that was very close to my heart. For the first two years, I did things the conventional way.

The conventional way means I did things based on what I saw, heard or read about how other people did theirs. I spent time on the internet, joined some social media networks, all in a bid to get in touch with people I assumed would help me in my pursuit of success.

The first two years of my pursuit were very painful. Because the more I tried to do everything right, the more it felt like I wasn’t doing anything right at all.

All my efforts went by with the wind, and at that point, I felt like giving up. I considered taking the easy way out by bowing out of the torment of constant disappointments. But, after thinking it through, I decided to try out the same goal, just for one last time.

I made up my mind to try one more time because I told my self that it was possible I hadn’t really tried well enough.

At the same time, I also told myself that if I wanted to get a different result from what I got in the preceding two years, then I needed to change my strategy. I realized at that point that I couldn’t expect to get a different result if I continued to do things in exactly the same way.

Therefore, in a bid not to give up on my dreams prematurely, I decided to do things a little bit differently.

I decided to stop looking for information in the wrong places. And that included the internet and on social media at times. In fact, I had to take a break from Facebook, because it constantly reminded me of my peers that ‘seemed’ successful, while it looked like I wasn’t making any progress with my life at all.

I also decided to shake up the circle of people that I hung out with. You see, I later found that I had been surrounded by people that only saw the negativity and enormousness of my situation. I realized that the people I had around me weren’t really there to encourage me. They were mostly there to let me know how painfully impossible my plight was.

In addition, I also decided to reevaluate everything I had done in the previous two years. And deliberately taking a conscious look at all the things I did, revealed to me the several flaws I had in my approach. The truth is that I would never have known that I wasn’t doing something right if I hadn’t taken the time to really consider how I had been going about that particular project.

And finally, I decided to take the situation to God, because I believe that there are a higher realm and power that controls our physical existence. I realized that I probably had not invited God sincerely enough to come in and help me. So, as I re-strategized my approach in the third year, I made sure I made God the Center and Pivot of all my plans.

And after taking all of the above into account, I re-approached that project again, did everything I needed to do, and then took a step backward. While I took my mind off it and started blogging actively.

To cut a very long story short, I am delighted to announce that my strategy actually paid off. Because, not only did I become successful on my third try, I actually got a much better deal than I would have gotten if I had been successful much earlier.

This is Why You Are Not Yet Successful.Pic2.jpg

So, do you know why some of us are not (yet) successful?

It is because a lot of us have given up on our dreams far too early.

Many people lack the courage, mental tenacity, and patience to actually work on seeing their dreams come true. With challenges and several stumbling blocks along the way, many people would rather chicken off and look for an easier way out.

And this especially becomes more profound, when we allow the yardsticks set by the internet and social media to dictate our success journeys.

We see other people ‘seemingly’ succeeding, and we automatically think we are failing.

No, we are not!

It’s just that we are taking a little bit of more time to get to our destinations, But, we certainly will and must definitely get to our desired destinations, if we do not bail out early.

This life belongs to all of us and is not meant for an exclusive set of people. We can all become successful and live the lives of our dreams if we refuse to quit on ourselves.

Yes, the road may be tenuous. The journey may be long and very boring. And we may even end up journeying alone. But, that is actually fine.

Because, with courage, persistence, faith, patience, and determination, we will all achieve our dreams. And achieve we must, as long as we do not call it quits prematurely!

So, never give up. Keep pressing. Keep pushing. Because everything is possible!!!

Peace and Love,


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  1. Very encouraging. Thank you!


    1. Evi Abada says:

      You are most welcome and thank you so much for reading my piece.


    1. Evi Abada says:

      Thank you so much for your comments. I would definitely take a look at your article. Cheers!!!

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