How Negative People Negatively Influence Our Lives

How Negative People Negatively Influence Our Lives.Pic.jpg

You may not know it, but it matters who you hang out with. Because, with time, some of their features including personalities, thought processes and general outlook on life begin to rub off on us.

That is why it’s so important who you decide to spend time with. It’s even more important those whom we choose to listen to. Because, although we may say we have our own minds and so make our own decisions, the effects of these external characters have a way of influencing some aspects of our lives.

And this issue is so important because it can play a huge role in how far we go in our pursuit of success.

For about five years I was a Children’s Sunday School teacher. And from my interactions with these kids, I found that it is very easy for a kid to teach other kids ‘mischief’. I mean, children like to copy each other. You get a child being silly, and before you know it many of the kids are already acting in exactly the same way.

And that’s how it is for us adults. The more we hang around negative people, the more we start behaving like negative people ourselves.

But, you may want to know what the definition of a negative person is.

A negative person is someone who is everything anti-positive. A negative person is that one who sees nothing good in the world, always pessimistic and has no reason whatsoever to believe that anything is going to work out for them.

These types of people are full of regret, complaints, sadness and are outright naysayers. For them, there can never be anything good in the world.

For this same people, they believe everybody in the world is out to get them, and so regard everyone as a foe, including the people that could have been of help to them.

You do not want to only not have anything to do with these kinds of people, but you also would want to stay very far away from them. Because their negativity has the potential of influencing us very negatively.

These are the people that would give you a thousand and one reasons why something would not work. These are the people who have made prior bad decisions about their lives and want to tag others along with them.

These people are time-wasters, procrastinators, and mood-hoovers. We don’t need them in our lives for anything and should keep them at the farthest distance as possible.

Choosing to hang around these folks makes us vulnerable to their infective poisons. And that in itself is more than enough to keep us grounded and fixed to one spot in life.

If you want to make good on your goals and make progress with your life, watch those whom you allow access to your life.

Be careful about whom you listen to and those you allow the room to project their opinions unto your life. Because our minds are wired to function in sync with our senses. And that includes what we allow into our ears.

So, if you want to make good on your goals, make sure you are listening to the right words. Words that would inspire, motivate, encourage and stimulate you to awaken the giants within you to become the best version of yourself.

I do not believe in impossibilities, because I know that nothing is impossible. Therefore, I am careful about those people who only breathe and voice negativity. I give them no space around me, and neither should you.

Now, this is my call to action for you:

Take a good stock of your life and make sure that you are only surrounded by positive, altruistic and possible-minded people. Because you do not need anyone telling you it is impossible when indeed, anything and everything is possible!!!

Peace and Love,


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