Why Your Ancestry Should Not Define How Far You Go in Life


Why your ancestry should not define how far you go in life.jpg

Although some of us were not born into successful families, we can actually decide to live successful lives.

However, the underlying reason I see for why some people cannot live the lives of their dreams is that they often are held back by the characteristics of their pedigrees.

Their vision is limited to what is considered the “norm” within their cultural, social or economic circles. And as such, these people do not dare to look beyond them but are often confined to their comfort zones.

Because that is all they have ever been used to.

Many times, we allow the families we were born into or our genealogical descent, determine how far we are able to dream, or the height we are able to attain.

However, this should not be the case.

Because, where our parents hail from should have nothing to do with who we eventually become. And the reason is that God has placed within every single one of us, incredible amounts of potentials. And these potentials have nothing to do with where you or I come from.

We must understand that God is impartial and does not pick and choose who He decides to bless! But we may be limiting the manifestation of His blessings upon our lives if we limit the scope of our visions.

For example, I come from a very humble background. In fact, I am not sure you can find my village on the map of the world. This is so because, even in my Country of birth with over 250 local languages, my tribe is easily considered as one of the minorities.

And because of how minuscule we are in relation to the rest of the country, I can even say that we are a ‘Minority’ in the ‘Minority’ (if you understand what that means!).

But, very long ago, I knew that I could not be defined by where my parents came from. I knew that I could not let my dreams be confined to that small village where my ancestors were born.

And in my quest to live the life of my dreams and make an indelible impact in this world, I have traversed several thousand miles. And today, I am living in the United States, constantly working to make my life and those of the people around me better.

Many of the people whom I grew up with live in an entirely different continent. And we are only able to stay in touch through social media, the internet, and phone calls.

I decided to be intentional about my dreams and couldn’t afford to be limited by my geographical confines, or my parental pedigree.

And I am on a Mission. A God-given mission to inspire hope and comfort in others. And I know that as long as I do not get distracted from my course, I would definitely make great strides in this world.

So, what is your story?

Have you allowed the realization of where you come from define who you are and how far you are able to go in this life?

The fact that your parents went through hell in trying to achieve their dreams doesn’t mean you have to walk through that same path.

You can chart a different course for your life. But, it begins with you changing your mind. You need to change your mind to the realization that anything is possible.

You need to understand that you can indeed be all that God wants you to be if you would only let Him into your mind.

You can reach heights that no one ever thought was possible. But, that would not happen automatically if you do not complete your own part of the equation.

Your geographical location, ancestry or genealogy is inconsequential in this sense. All that actually matters is you.

You have to be willing and ready to make your own mark in the sands of time. And all that work begins from the confines of your mind.

Dare to Dream Big Dreams! And Dare to take the necessary actions that would take you closer to your Dreams.

If you really want to live that life that you love, Get in touch and I would show you how to live the life of your dreams.

Peace and Love,


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