What Would the World look like if Everyone was like You [or Me]?

(Do You think it would be more Wholesome and Beautiful OR more Putrid and Ugly???)

What would the world look like.jpg

I will not shy away from saying that I am not a perfect person. No, I would not!

And that is why I try to do my best to avoid judging others because I know that I myself is nowhere near perfect. I have my own flaws, which others may not know about. And I am constantly working to become better so that I can give the world my best.

As a mom, I am very conscious of the kind of example I am setting for my children. I never would want to be that person who says, “do as I say, but not as I do.” I would like to be the same person, portrayed in both my words, as well as my actions.

I would want to be the best role model that my children would always look up to; a commitment that I know is no small feat, but one that I am ready to give my best shot at.

And while doing everything I can to become better, I wouldn’t fail to admit that sometimes I do falter. I actually still do some things that make me feel disappointed in myself, and at those times, I usually say to myself, “Evi, you are better than that.”

The truth is that, when I make such mistakes, I try not to beat myself up too much because I know that I am human. And that it is in our nature to fail sometimes.

But what I find really appalling is getting to meet people who put on that “holier than thou attitude.” These are people who behave as though they can never hurt a fly. These are also people who regard everyone else as dirt and think that they are better than anyone else.

Please give me a break! Because, before you go all out with your seemingly “perfect” attitude, I have only one simple question for you.

“If everyone in this world were to be like you (or me), would that make this planet more beautiful and conducive to live in? Or would it make it more putrid and disgusting? I leave you to answer that question for yourself, even as I ponder over it.

That is why we must never write people off. We must never condemn others, if “The One” who has created them hasn’t condemned them.

By, the way, who are we (mere mortals that we all are) to even judge our fellow man?

How is it even possible that somewhere in our heads, we think we have the right to tell people what they are or can’t be? Who made us arbitrators, talk more of judges?

I have seen people fall several times. But, I have also seen them get back up better, stronger and more positive to live their lives.

I have seen addicts, fornicators, bullies, thieves and all manner of people with negative vices turn around from their perverted ways and living their lives on a clean slate.

But, one over-riding challenge that I see frequently is our lack of reception to give others a second chance at life.

What would the world look like.Pic1.jpg

Everyone, regardless of how far they may have gone into filth and dirt, deserve a second chance, as long as there is a genuineness on their part to turn the corner.

If you are not a drunk, alcoholic, smoker, fornicator, porn addict or anything along those lines, it is easy to regard yourself as the “perfect” person. While others who engage in these vices are regarded as complete trash.

And it is very easy to point accusing fingers at others without taking the time to examine ourselves and make changes to those secret sins that we still engage in.

We often deceive ourselves to think that we can fool others by the way we portray ourselves outside our closets by pretending to be what we are not on social media and the internet.

Social media has become our standard of living, and it is indeed very sickening.

It is so wrong to deprive others the chance of becoming better because you have somehow written them off by your own worldly standards.

Everyone can indeed change and become a gift to society, but we have to be willing to give them a chance.

And remember that change may not happen rapidly. It may be gradual. But as long as people are moving in the right direction, we should give them the space and support they need to become better.

Now, I wouldn’t end this piece without putting the same question right back at you.

“If everyone in this world were to be like you (or me), would this planet be better or worse to live in?”

Think about these things!!!

Love and Peace,


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