Can I Help You, Please?

Can I help you please.Pic

Every day as I step out of my house and head out on my way to work, I am constantly bothered by this thought: “how can I make a difference in this world?”

“How can I become a symbol of hope for the next person who may not be having the best of life?”

But, sometimes, as I allow these thoughts flash across my mind, I am often reminded that I may not have acquired that status, worthy of being able to make a difference in the life of someone else.

I look through the internet and social media and see all those people tagged with “influencers”, and I sit here asking myself, “what possible difference can I ever make when I am not currently regarded as a notable personality?”

I mean, if you have been following my blog plus reading my posts, you may know me as the woman that likes to write about what she is convicted of.

But, that is all there is. I just write.

However, beyond writing, are there other ways that I can indeed make a difference? Can I impact the lives of my neighbors who may not even have access to computers or smartphones to read about all the things I have to write?

Are there ways that I can be of help to you beyond what I am even aware of?

After several introspective sessions, I have discovered that I can indeed make an impact, far beyond what I am currently doing.

I do not have to become a celebrity or other famous person to put smiles on the faces of others.

I do not have to have thousands of social media followers in order to lend my voice to significant public discussions.

And I do not have to be perfect and all-knowing, in order to be the light in a place that is filled with so much darkness.

Right where I am, in my very zip code, in my very geographical sphere, I can begin to impact the lives of those around me.

It may just be a smile at someone having a bad day.

Or a hug for someone who has just experienced a loss.

Or learning to share with others with the much I have been blessed with.

I do not have to perform gigantic feats.

Or do something that is noteworthy that it gets read in the news.

Regardless of how big or little the need is, if I am able to make the life of just one person better, then I am game!

And once I came to terms with this fundamental principle of life (which so many seem to be lacking), I have become a better helper, lover and community advocate.

So, I challenge you today to adopt this mindset and go do the same.

You do not have to become a well-known celebrity with a large social media presence to become a blessing to others.

Right where you are. At your workplace, in the grocery store, in traffic, while driving on the road, at the park, at your children’s school or game activities, in your community, make up your mind to be the person that makes a mark with their presence.

Rather than hate, spread the love. Rather than bullying, spread kindness. And rather than discrimination, be that person that is most accepting and welcoming of their fellow humans.

Be the one that stands out for good! And yes, I am putting the question back to you, “is there any way I can help you please?”

All the very best,


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