No, You Shouldn’t Delete Facebook (At least Not yet!)

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Not that I am Facebook’s company advocate or anything along those lines. But, I seriously think you shouldn’t delete the social media app. At least, not yet!

Since the story about Cambridge Analytica broke, about how over 87 million users information were harvested from Facebook, there has been a social media campaign, asking people to delete their accounts.

There is even a step by step guide put out on how to go about deleting one’s account from the social media giant permanently.

The Hashtag #DeleteFacebook has even gone viral with many people encouraging others to boycott the social media giant.

But, I do not want to go that route with Facebook yet. And here is why I think you shouldn’t too.

For everything that was ever invented under the sun, there are always good and bad sides to it. And Facebook is no exception. It sure has its good sides, as well as its bad sides. And it definitely does have its positives, as well as its negatives.

With 2 billion users all over the world, you going ahead to delete your Facebook account would have a very insignificant effect on the media giant, if at all anything.

It’s a given that the leaks about Cambridge Analytica’s activities are worrisome, to say the least. It shows that we actually have nowhere to hide.

But, I think that some of us sometimes tend to be too elaborate when posting things on the internet and social media. We have no restraints and throw caution to the wind while inviting the whole world to the privacy of our lives. We forget that whatever is posted on the internet is there to stay forever.

And now that we know that Facebook knows us even better than we know ourselves, we are all going paranoid about the angst revelation.

The other day, I had the opportunity to watch part of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the US Senate. And one Senator had asked him, “can you tell us the name of the hotel you slept in last night?” And after a few seconds of pondering over that question, Mark had responded with a flat-out NO!

Imagine that! If the founder of Facebook hadn’t felt comfortable revealing the identity of where he spent his night, why then are we so quick to let the whole world know how and when we go to the bathroom, zoo or take a bath in the ocean?

Why are we so quick to divulge information that should be meant for us and the people that we love, to the general public that has no bearing on our lives?

I have seen people update their statuses every 15 minutes. They detail the activities of every single moment of their day on social media. As if we ever asked for them to share that information with us!

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One thing I keep telling people is that a lot of what we see on the internet and social media is a façade.  People would only share the “supposed” good times of their lives with you.

Most people would not let you see all the difficulties they encounter, Every. Single. Day.

They know where we have our appetites at, and so frequently whet it with what they know we crave.

I used to engage in such practices, very early on when I signed onto Facebook. But, I have since learned that it’s not worth living my life like that.

I mean, what do I stand to gain by letting the whole world know about my life and that of my family? The answer for me is nothing!

So, rather than go all crazy about deleting our Facebook accounts, I think what we should really be talking about is how to effectively use these social media platforms in more productive ways that limit our vulnerability to unscrupulous elements.

Personally, I wouldn’t delete my Facebook account because of 2 key ways I think Facebook has been super helpful both personally and professionally:

  • It has helped me to continue to stay in touch with friends and family living in different parts of the world

I have friends and family in different parts of the world and Facebook has been a great resource in helping to stay in touch. So many people I haven’t seen in years or decades, I have been able to connect with through Facebook. It makes it a whole lot easier to communicate with people that one would hitherto have been unable to stay in touch with.

  • Facebook is enhancing the course of Research

As a researcher, we are constantly looking to enroll participants in various research studies and clinical trials to advance the course of science and to broaden our knowledge about various diseases processes and systems. Facebook has been incredibly helpful and a great resource for reaching eligible study participants. And their targeted campaign ads have been super successful in this regard. Through Facebook, we have been able to reach patients and their families that we may never have been able to reach.

So, yeah, before you continue your rant about why everyone needs to delete their Facebook accounts, I think a better approach would be educating people to be more conservative in their dealings on the platform.

And Facebook needs to step up to the challenge of keeping us, its dedicated users safe, while we go about our business. It is their responsibility to protect our data, as well as our information. They owe this to us and need to live up to this expectation.

Finally, everything that has a disadvantage is also loaded with its own advantages. And I must say that Facebook has its share of advantages. Let’s keep it simple!

All the very best,


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