Just do it! (How to move beyond your fears and reach for your Dreams)

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I can sometimes be a pro when it comes to procrastinating. But, don’t blame me too much, because a lot of that comes with me being unsure of what a particular process entails.

And then, when I realize that I have to rationalize things a little bit more, I find myself shuffling my feet around the same position. The result? I end up pushing forward so many things I should have accomplished sooner.

I will just put this out there before continuing this piece. And that is, “time wasted can never be regained.” Many of the things I put off accomplishing to some other time in the future, could have been achieved a long time ago!

But you see, when you are in an unfamiliar terrain, the fear of the unknown, as well as the dread of an unfamiliar process is more than enough to keep you dancing around in circles.

And the end result of such an attitude is never palatable because it results in stagnation, unfulfilled dreams and a life full of regrets.

But what are we supposed to do when we do not have a clear picture of what our future looks like? How do we effectively navigate from point A to B when all we have at our disposals are our ‘dreams’, which we may not even understand?

Looking back at some decisions I have taken in the past, I strongly wish I could have done things a little bit differently. I wish I would have risen above some of the fears that I had, and just went ahead and did the things I needed to do.

But much of my delays and apprehension about my process came from ideas or concepts that seemed so vague, that I had felt unsure of myself, as well as what I needed to commit to.

I was afraid of what I didn’t know, and as a continuum was afraid to learn more about what I didn’t know, in order to know more.

This is life. No one has everything all figured out. We may be masters of our craft, but there is still a whole lot out there, that we may know very little about.

And in order to increase our chances of living to the fullest of our potentials, we must be ready to do something out of the ordinary. In essence, we must be ready to get familiar with an unfamiliar terrain.

We cannot truly achieve all we ever dream about if we do not let go of our fears, and just do it!

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So, how do we learn to chart through unfamiliar terrains in order to navigate towards our Dreams?

Concretize your dreams.

Everyone can dream, but not everyone can turn their dreams into reality. I mean, we can all go to bed to sleep and dream right? But what happens when all we could ever do is allow our dreams remain in ‘dreamland? In order to start the process of attaining our maximum potentials, we must connect with our dreams physically. And that involves seeing where we are headed. It must not be bound to the confines of our mind but be concrete enough to have some relationship with our senses- Meaning, we must be able to SEE and physically connect with our dreams.

Be truthful and forthright.

Many times, due to societal pressure, shame or other negative stuff out there, we tend to lie to ourselves. We tend to imagine that we have certain statuses, resources or abilities when the truth is that we do not. If you want to embark on your journey towards achieving your dreams, then you must come to grips with what you have or do not have. No gain lying to yourself about what you can or cannot do.

Be an information glutton.

No one has all the answers to all their questions, and that is why no one should be an island. Here on earth, there are people in our lives (or otherwise) who have achieved that thing that we desire to achieve. There is no need re-inventing the wheel. Whether it is by just googling what you are looking for on the internet, or reaching out to others through social media, you just have to do what you have to do. For me, I even had to join a particular social media platform just because I needed to get more information by following people I thought had the answers to my questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We can all help one another, once in a while. And that is why we may need others to help us when it becomes obvious that we cannot do things on our own. Rather than spend the time thinking about how to go about asking that person for help, just go ahead and do ask anyway. The worst that could ever happen is the person giving you no for an answer. But, even in that case, you would be satisfied that you have done your bit, in order for you to move on to the next person.

Be prepared to get No for an answer.

And that is ok. We have to understand that not everyone along our path would actually give us the answers that we need. So, be ready for all the NO’s. And when they do come, take it with dignity and move on. Truth be told, not everyone can help us, and not everyone would be willing to help us. Learn to get comfortable with that.

Take the first step and just do it.

As humans (myself included) we tend to overthink so many things. We rationalize so many tiny details that we end up wasting valuable time we could have spent working on our dreams. Many times, what scares the hell out of people to make good on their dreams is taking that gigantic first step. The fear of what that step is all about to keep people glued to the same spot. For me, I have found that after taking the first step needed to achieve a particular goal, I often laugh at myself for wasting too much time fretting and worrying over what that step often turns out into. Because I realize it was a piece of cake all the while. But, how would I have known? When I had spent the greater part of the time wondering what that step was actually about?

Be ready to learn and unlearn.

Mustering up the courage to advance towards our goals involves a whole lot of uncertainties. And some of that results in us having to unlearn things we have previously learned. Sometimes, our visions or convictions about how something is supposed to go often gets spun around in 360 degrees. That’s absolutely ok. I have been involved in projects I thought I knew so much about, only to find out I knew absolutely nothing about them and ended up starting from scratch. Embrace the process.

Celebrate little successes.

Rome was never built in a day, and neither are our dreams. Getting to that place of fulfillment of our dreams would take some time. And with that comes little streaks of successes along the way. Learn to celebrate those little milestones, even if it means some social media stints. That’s also fine with me!

Focus on Progress, not perfection.

Can any of us become truly perfect? I doubt it. So, rather than spend all your energy and resources focusing on a perfect finished product, why not spend the time focusing on all the little successes you are packing up along the way? Striving for perfection may only lead to delays, anxiety, and stress, overall. Just go ahead and get that stuff done!

Are you still sitting and overthinking that project you have put away for far too long? You do not have to waste an extra minute rationalizing it through and through. Just get up, lace up your sneakers and get to work.

In other words, I mean, Just go ahead and do it!

All the very best,


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