The Blessings and Curses of Social Media Combined (Where do you fit in?)

The Blessings and Curses of Social Media Combined.Pic1.jpg

In this day and age, we can never underestimate the role social media plays in all of our lives. It is a place to explore and test the waters (whatever that is!). But it is also a place to get burned if one is not careful.

The world is now a global village, thanks to the internet and of course social media. We can easily do things that we previously couldn’t achieve, due to this mass network of connectivity that we have all around us.

In spite of the many blessings (which we are going to get to shortly) that being on these social networking sites brings to us, there is also a great number of curses that go with utilizing these platforms.

And one of the important indicators of successful business ventures is their social media presence, as well as the number of followings they are able to garner.

Therefore, it’s everyone’s individual call to make, to determine where they fit in on this continuum. Are you on the blessed side of this divide, or have you been inundated with the curses that it also carries along? Let’s find out.

The Blessings and Curses of Social Media Combined.Pic2.jpg

Blessings of Social Media

There is information overload on social media outlets.

Except you live in the hinterlands, you can never have a paucity of information in this age of internet and civilization. And at the center of all that is the impact of social media. Irrespective of your industry, college major or job category, there is so much information about anything you are looking for on the internet. Gone are the days where access to information dearth or scarcity. There is so much to harvest online. And these social media networks such as Facebook, and Instagram have a pot full of those.

Social media is a great place to network.

Whether you are networking for professional or personal reasons, the internet and especially social media is a great place to connect and interact with people. Lately, there is the concept of content and product marketing, which has its place in aggressive social media campaigns. Social media platforms such as Pinterest are a great place for content sharing on the internet. And we have to include other networking giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and even the professional networking site LinkedIn. Social media is also a great place to connect with loved ones, who may be separated by distance. And that in itself is one of the greatest blessings of the internet.

Social media bolsters economic and business growths.

So many companies now have social networking pages such as those listed above. In fact, if you are a budding entrepreneur without a great social media presence, experts would advise you to build your brand on these platforms. The reason is that, because of the integral place of social media in content marketing, businesses, especially fledgling ones may find it difficult to thrive without a robust presence on these platforms. Therefore, if you are thinking about launching your own business, you may want to establish your brand by positioning yourself in the social media world through aggressive and intensive content marketing.

Curses of social media

The privacy and Data breach nightmares we regularly face.

The recent exposé, revealing Cambridge Analytica’s use of over 50 million private information of Facebook users is a serious cause for concern. The ability for people who you know nothing about, and who should in all practical sense and purpose know nothing about you, have access to your private information, is mind-boggling. And that I think is one of the greatest curses of social media.

It is a great and convenient venue for cyberbullies.

So many people have lost their lives as a result of sense activities of these cyberbullies. The ability for people to hind behind computer and phone screens to belittle, mock, deride, castigate or defame others with no just cause, is another hell of a curse of social media.

It has a lot of misleading and unverified information.

Social media is the perfect place to post and share misleading information. Because of the access and ease with which anyone can log onto any social media platform and post content, many of the information accessible from these platforms may not be a hundred percent accurate. And because it is sometimes impossible to verify all the information we see in our feeds, the onus then lies on us to carry out our own research before acting on some of the information that gets fed to us.

In wrapping this up,

Despite all the awesome blessings of engaging in social media, the point of caution is that there is also a myriad of curses that go with it.

Becoming accountable to ourselves, by being mindful of the way we engage on these platforms, may be a great way to mitigate the effects of the curses that arise from utilizing social media.

All the very best,


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