Having a Plan B: Indispensable tool or over-hyped strategy?

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As humans, we always try to live in the moment. The tendency to focus on “the now”, while paying little attention to uneventful eventualities, is rife. And that is why we must all come up with our plan B. We must plan ahead for those times when things may not go as expected.

Failing to have a backup plan can be both life changing as well as shattering at the same time, depending on the dynamics/peculiarities of one’s circumstance.

Amanda* had suffered years of torment from her abusive husband. Her husband had denied her the opportunity to do valuable work for herself, which is sometimes the practice in certain cultures in some parts of the world.

She was confined to their home to only give birth to and take care of their children. Her husband had been jealous, an overbearing freak who told her on multiple occasions that the reason he got married to her was for her to become his homemaker.

So, essentially, this young and intelligent lady with a college degree soon became a confined housewife. And as is with some customs in certain parts of the world, there was nothing she or her family could do about the situation. Because men are often ascribed absolute powers in such places.

However, Amanda knew that she could never live her life like that forever. She knew that she would die prematurely, if she spent all her life living in hell, with her husband from hell.

So, what did she do? Amanda had a plan B. Although her husband only provided barely enough funds for her to manage the home with their 4 children, Amanda having studied business economics in school was able to save a part of the funds which her husband routinely gave to her.

Without her husband’s knowledge, she was able to open and manage her account discreetly, and also established a small business which she operated outside their home, through a sales agent she had employed.

At the end of every month, the proceeds from her small business were all channeled to her personal savings account, which she continued to operate without her husband’s knowledge.

Amanda had a plan to walk out of her marriage at some point, but she wanted to become more financially capable before she made that decision.

However, there is a way fate works, which we sometimes may not be able to explain, or even understand. Because Amanda never needed to walk out of her marriage.

Having a Plan B.Pic 2.jpg

Why? The reason was that her wicked and abusive husband suddenly passed away from a heart attack, with nothing left for her to take care of their 4 children.

But guess what? As at the time of her husband’s passing, her business had grown so big, that she had even opened up 2 other outlets in different parts of the town.

And so, even when her husband’s family had still come in to seize the little that was left of what she and her husband had-including his car, and other personal belongings of his (which by the way is normal stuff in some parts of the world), she was unfazed.

She knew that her plan B, had worked, though not in exactly the way she had planned. She knew that she had gathered more than enough to take care of herself and her children. And with her devil of a husband out of the picture, she knew she had the opportunity to become more successful.

So what is the take away from Amanda’s experience?

We all must have a plan B. It doesn’t matter how comfortable we may be now. It is always better to plan ahead, in case something you least expect happens.

What if that company you are working for suddenly down-sizes? How are you going to take care of yourself and your family?

What if that evil boss of yours suddenly fires you, would your whole world become frozen as a result of that?

We must learn never to be too comfortable, irrespective of where we are. We must learn to look far into the future, and prepare for those days when things may not go the way we expect them to.

We must learn to have a plan B, which by the way is an indispensable tool and not an over-hyped strategy!

All the very best!!!


*Name changed to protect identity



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