How to Begin Your Journey of a thousand miles

(Because it begins Now!)

A Journey of a thousand miles begins now.Pic1

I don’t think I have really heard about a success story that went so smoothly. Practically all the stories of successful people we see/hear around were met with bumps, struggles and stumbling blocks along the way.

From Jack Ma to Oprah Winfrey, to Mark Zuckerberg (He is still dealing with those bumps even now), to even the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

But, what distinguishes ordinary citizens from this pack of successful people is their ability to continue to forge ahead, in spite of those difficulties.

Their courage, resilience, and determination often make them look a whole lot successful than the rest of us.

As someone who is high on productivity, excellence, and success, I have come to understand that the road to success may not be easy. Even, as early in the process as I am in my success ride, I can tell you that there were things I never thought I would encounter on the way that I see myself experiencing.

In fact, I have had to change my approach, strategies and plans different times, in order to advance to where I am going. But despite the uncertainties we frequently encounter on the road to success, one of the things I consider to be most difficult is finding the courage to start out.

Yes, the courage to step out of our comfort zones and do what would change our lives for the better is what keeps many people in one spot, for many long years.

The fear of the unknown, the fear of failing and the fear of losing, are big dissuaders that keep people glued to their comfort zones for a long time!

I remember when I initially wanted to start out writing; I had so many fears, ranging from, “would anyone even care to read what I have to say?”, “what if I am trolled (which of course I have experienced sometimes)?”, “what if I start out writing and discover that I hate the process and concept entirely?”

These were some of the fears I had and considered, prior to starting out my blog. I was unsure of myself and the process, and that fear held me back for more than 2 months. Months I could have spent impacting the life of one person!

A Journey of a thousand miles begins now.Pic2 .jpg

So, what is my point in all of these? The journey of a thousand miles begins now. It begins with you making the decision to take that life-changing first step. It begins with you looking beyond your fears and limitations and just starting.

The truth of the matter is that there would never be a “best” or “perfect” time, because your “best” or “perfect” time, is actually now!

Successful people look beyond second-guessing their abilities and just start out. They just move along with the tide and see where it takes them.

We all have our individual fears. I would never underestimate that fact. And some of those fears are truly valid.

But, in order to become successful and function in the capacity that God wants for us, we must do the first thing and the right thing. We must commit to taking those small steps, no matter how micro they may seem, because for all you know, they all add up to the bigger picture.

So yeah, dare to dream big, and dare to step out from your comfort level.

All your dreams (whatever those are) can indeed come true if you would dare to move. You have what it takes to become successful, so, keep moving!

All the very best!!!


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