Why You do not need to wait for Your Boss to give You a raise

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Popular opinion dictates that you need to wait for a raise from your employer. Meaning, you do not have to walk up to your employer and request for a raise, yourself.

While people who recommend such approaches may have valid reasons for choosing to play it that way, I do not subscribe to that line of action at all!

I would rather not wait to get a raise. I would request a raise when I think I deserve one (my personal story is below). And here is why.

Personally, I believe a lot of people are being paid significantly less than what they actually deserve. But so many people though unsatisfied with their remuneration, choose to hang on to such jobs. And there are many reasons why this is sadly the case.

These reasons range from the fear of a very competitive job market to the laborious process of going through a job search, or the commitments and responsibilities that well-meaning adults have to fulfill every day, to the unending bills that we need to take care of (those would never stop coming!).

So, yes, there are truly valid reasons why people may choose to remain at such jobs, and just sweat it out.

But, as someone who is high on productivity and efficiency, I would like to state that choosing to stay with a job that you know compensates you less than you are worth, should not be the case.

Many times, I see that the primary reason people get entrapped in this situation is the fear of retribution or having to experience that painful scenario where their employers say no to their demands.

And why I believe that they are justified to feel like this, I wanted to let everyone know that we all have the power to ascend to that level of success in life that we all crave for.

But, if we continue to allow our fears or lack of courage, get in the way of our success journeys, we may remain stuck at one job or one economic level for a very long time. And I am sure you do not want that to be the case for you.

Let me also add before sharing my personal story, that your employer’s inability to give you what you are really worth has nothing to do with how efficient or inefficient you are on the job.

It has nothing to do with how skilled or unskilled you are, or how great (or not so great) you are in working to achieve the team’s goals or metrics.

But, your employer’s inability to adequately compensate you with that which you are worth has a whole lot to do with the company’s culture.

And by that, I mean including the people who you directly report to and who should be the ones making that case for you.

People sometimes say, “if you are doing a good job, your manager would notice and give you the raise you deserve.” While that may be true in some cases, I am sure that the reality is significantly different in a majority of cases.

So, what should one do in situations such as that? My simple answer is, “go walk up to your manager, and ask for that raise you know you truly deserve.”

It doesn’t matter if he/she obliges you or not. But, what is important is that you have started an important discussion, and they would always have that at the back of their minds.

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Now, here is my story:

Some time ago, I accepted a job offer I knew paid me less than I was worth. But, I had been searching for a job for a while, and just needed a ‘job’. So, I accepted that job with a plan in mind.

My plan was, I would exceed the demands and expectations of the position and ask for a raise at the 6-month review (where they decide whether to keep you or kick you out the door).

I put in my best at that job and became the delight of all the people I worked with. And my plan eventually worked. It paid off because, at that 6-month review, I went with a list of all the awesome accomplishments I had made within that short period of time.

To cut a long story short, I got my well-deserved raise.

I believe many employers want to retain the best talents, but may not be willing to go out of their way to give them what befits them. In that case, my dear job seekers have a plan.

Consider every job offer a means to an end, but not a permanent destination. You can decide to make your mark like I did and be confident enough to ask for that raise you know you deserve, or, you can gain the required skills and experience you need for that role and move on.

But, always have a plan for every job you accept- what are your expectations, how long you intend to remain in that role, etc.

And even if you are not a new employee, but believe you have worked hard and deserve a raise for all your efforts, just take the bold step and go ahead and ask for a raise.

If they decline, then no problem. It’s time to begin to re-evaluate your life and make the best decisions that would benefit you and your loved ones.

Simply put, it’s time to begin to plan your exit strategy, without letting the whole world know about it. Because, you truly deserve the best, and should be given the opportunity to get the best.

And remember that you have the absolute right to always dream bigger and aim higher!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!


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