Why I haven’t figured everything out, just yet!

Why I havent figured everything out yet.Pic.jpg

I do not try to ridicule myself into thinking that I have everything in my life all ready and figured out. No, I do not!

Even though I may sometimes pride myself as the highly organized and thorough individual, I do not try to pretend that I know exactly how everything should work or function.

For me, life is always a learning curve. It’s a place to build, rebuild and build again.

As researchers, we are always working on new discoveries. Working to make the lives of our dear pediatric patients better, with new medications or behavioral interventions.

This process is never a streamlined one. It always changes, with new and more promising methods, results and information spilling out every day.

That is why researchers are always busy, trying to find better ways to improve the lives of patients, suffering from countless diseases. The desire to make that difference in the lives of these extraordinary individuals fuels the work that we do.

And that is why I haven’t completely figured out my life yet. Yes, I do see the bigger picture of where I want my life to be in say X number of years from now. But, the path to getting there is still being worked out.

And I know that it may continue to be that way for a while because my plans are never “set in stone.”

For example, when I started posting articles on my blog a couple of months back, I started writing about different topics. I wrote about productivity, culture, faith, diversity, inclusivity, life lessons, etc.

But it wasn’t until recently that I think I am beginning to find ‘that spot’ that really appeals to me. I am beginning to find that unique niche, through which I can truly impact the lives of others.

And why I understand that this may not be the norm for everyone, I believe that the ability to be flexible and open to new things in life is what makes life all the more beautiful and interesting.

I remember how I joined a new team earlier in my career and tried to make improvements to the workflow and processes. And how my actions were met with firm resistance from others who believed their opinions were final, and not amenable to be tweaked.

And I had no option than to suffer with my other colleagues the brutal work process which was both sluggish, and quite unproductive. We always found ourselves running around in circles.

But the ‘higher’ powers liked it that way. They said they had it all figured out a long time ago! And so, it stayed that way, even if it meant to the detriment of all of us.

So, yeah this is a glimpse of how I function daily. I do not go around high handed with an attitude of, “I have it all figured out.” Because, I am always open to new ideas, endless possibilities and infinitely more productive ways of working less to achieve more!

Maybe, one day I would have it all figured out. But, I am not there yet! I am still on a journey that only seems to get more interesting and revealing every day.

And I am enjoying every bit of it!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada

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