A Tribute to the Best Office Mate Ever!

Healthy workplace relationship. Pic1Emily and Evi

Dear Emily,

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since we stopped being office mates. And I couldn’t help letting you know how that makes me feel.

First and foremost, how are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your new office space, and hope your new office mates are as amazing as you are?

Maggie and I miss you so much, to say the least. And we can’t stop talking about how sad that really makes us feel. Unsurprisingly, the office is now quieter than ever. Because you know how you often keep the room lively with all your “Evi can you believe this?” We don’t get to experience that anymore.

As for Kate R., she hasn’t stopped by to cheer me and Maggie up since you left. And we are really heartbroken about that.

And writing about it, sure makes me really emotional. Maggie spends a great chunk of her working hours in clinic enrolling participants for all the studies she is working on these days. Which leaves me alone and lonely (well sort of), working all by myself in that large room.

Emily, I never used all the opportunity I had while we were still office mates to tell you all the awesome things about you, which I would always cherish. And so, I figured that I could as well share it with the whole world.

So many people actually do not have the gift of working in a fun and healthy environment. Many others think that cultivating healthy work relationships is a façade. But, spending close to 2 years working very closely with you has changed my misconception about that.

Because you are indeed one of a kind. You are a rare gem, to say the least.

Thank you for your kind heart. Thank you for your gentleness and friendship. Thank you for being so accepting of everyone that comes your way. We traverse different regions of the world, but never for once did I ever feel that, because of your warmth and ingenuity.

Healthy workplace relationship. Pic2Evi and Emily

If everyone in America would just learn to be like you, this place and indeed the entire world would be a better place for everyone to live in.

I always come to work with so much joy in my heart, and with so many sparks in my eyes knowing that I work with people who make work feel like ‘home away from home’.

I miss your laughter, cheer and all the funny stories you sometimes share. When I look across my desk to where you used to sit, I often cannot help shedding a tear, especially with our group picture still stuck on the board at your desk.

Let me also use this rare opportunity to thank your parents who raised you up to be the beautiful, intelligent and very caring young woman that you are. Your charisma and attitude speak volumes of the kind of home in which you were raised. And I pray that the Good Lord continues to bless them and constantly reward their labor of love.

Finally dear Emily, when (if) you decide that it’s time for you to no longer be alone, I pray that you find the partner that is perfect for you, and who would treat you like the precious and rare gem that you truly are.

I cannot end this note without restating the obvious. I miss you so much and wish you only the best in all your life endeavors. I would always be rooting for you!

Kind regards,


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  1. Deepika says:

    This is so sweet. And such a coincidence, I just met a person who writes love letters to express her feelings and here I see you do the (almost) same thing. What a wonderful idea to write a letter to express how you feel about your friend. One would think It’s a rarity these days but maybe it’s not so

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