What to do when people tell you, “the odds are against you.”

What to do when people tell you the odds are against you.Pic1.jpg

Sometimes, we may think we have it all figured out. And so, do not need to be reminded of what to do, when we encounter such negative people.

But from experience, I know that is not entirely true. Some people really need to be reminded of what to do, when people tell them the odds are stacked up against you.”

And I know so because I have been there before. I have heard that said to me a couple of times. And in every one of those encounters, the negative people (not me) have been the ones disappointed.

It’s no surprise, that so many people have ascribed to themselves the jobs of soothsayers or seers, (even though they never see into the future of their own lives). Their preoccupation is to tell others, how they would never succeed, due to some characteristic or uncharacteristic attribute (s).

Now, I get it. There are definitely times, when challenges or stumbling blocks may seem overwhelming. But, that in itself is not enough for anyone to pass judgment on another’s future.

I always tell people, if you cannot add value to someone else’s life by the things you say, then it’s better to shut your crappy mouth up.”

Do not make the lives of others more difficult by emphasizing all the humungous difficulties in front of them. If you cannot help out, it’s better to walk away and then you can remember them in your prayers (i.e. if you even know how to pray).

What to do when people tell you the odds are against you.Pic2.jpg

I once listened to Taraji P. Henson (the Matriarch of Fox’s Empire TV show), when she talked about how she got into Hollywood and her rise to fame and success. Taraji said, “if you listen to human beings, you will not live.

And personally, I cannot agree more that there is so much truth in that statement. Maybe human beings are programmed to be first pessimists, before optimists. I am not so certain, but one has to be really careful while hanging out with those naysayers.

So, what should you do when you are told the odds are against you?

  1. Treat that statement like noise. i.e. treat it like an unpleasant or offensively loud sound that causes disturbance to your sanity. And what do people do when faced with loud noise? They either walk away from the source or tone it down if they are able to. That is what you need to do. You either walk away from them or deafen your ears to all their gibberish jargons.
  2. Look within and ask yourself: “Am I really done with myself?” “Am I done with this precious gift that was created by God?” Your honest answer would determine what next you need to do. Because there is only a ‘t’ differentiating “I Can” from “I Can’t”.
  3. Look beyond the so-called impossible situation, and tell yourself, “I’m possible.” That’s the first step that would lead you towards your success. The ability to believe in yourself and your abilities, cannot be overemphasized.
  4. There is never only one route to your destination. But you must be willing to look beyond your present circumstance and seek out other ways, opportunities or strategies for achieving that thing you have already been told you cannot achieve. Get information from better sources. And of course, not from the naysayers, because they would only amplify the reasons why you cannot get it done.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, tell yourself that if one door closes, others would definitely open up for you. There are so many doors to achieving success. Do not get fixated on ‘the one’ that refuses to open. If one door remains shut, move on to the next, and never give up until you put your naysayers/pessimists to shame.

In wrapping this up,

Success indeed is achievable and attainable. And you do not need the likes of negative people standing in your way. Treat their negativity and all its associations as noise, and go ahead and unlock those doors just waiting to open up to you!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada

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