12 Reasons Why Every Leader Should be a “Mother”

Mind you, Fathers are great too, and I am not using “Mother” in literal terms, but drawing on some very outstanding qualities of Mothers, which every leader or aspiring one, can imbibe. As a Mother and Career Woman, I see the interplay of these very distinct roles every day and wanted to share them with the larger community.

Leadership is not rocket science, but leaders are not born, they are made. And being a leader has nothing to do with your job title. Do you have a great mother or have you ever met one described in such terms? Good mothers are undoubtedly the best leaders, ever! And every successful leader ever named on the planet, display certain characteristics, peculiar to mothers. In order for leaders or those aspiring to become one to be effective in their leadership roles, the family unit may be a reliable resource to acquire the needed skills.

  1. Mothers are assertive, and so are good leaders. In the majority of cases, mothers know what is best for their families, and are able to channel resources into those areas of priority to keep their homes going. They make decisions on behalf of their families, and are confident and also take responsibilities for the outcome of their decisions. Mothers do not go back and forth on issues that affect the greater good of the family because they are aware that the well-being of their households is for the most part dependent on their actions, or inactions. Likewise, great leaders should be assertive in their decision making, recognizing that the successes or failures of their teams, largely depends on them.
  2. Mothers are Proactive, rather than reactive, and so are good leaders. Mothers are able to plan in advance regarding the welfare of their families. Often times, mothers prepare well ahead in advance of family engagements or commitments, before they do take place. For example, a mother wouldn’t wait for the last bar of cheese to be used up, before getting another one from the grocery store. Also, a mother knows ahead of time, the children’s school vacation schedules, and often plans ahead how they would be engaged during the time away from school, rather than waiting on the day of. Likewise, good leaders should be able to plan ahead of their team’s schedules. They should understand their unique positions, and be able to plan and prepare for events that may happen down the line, rather than waiting for them to happen before reacting to them.
  3. Mothers are highly organized, and so are good leaders. In the midst of very active and energetic children, mothers are able to maintain the sanity within the home and so keep everywhere organized and habitable. Mothers often display an attitude of, “having it all together”, even in the midst of adversity, confusion or trouble. Good leaders should also be very highly organized, in meeting deadlines, and keeping the entire team focused and on task.Leadership Basics A
  4. Mothers have excellent time management skills. They keep track of school, sporting, and other recreational activities for the children and indeed the entire family, and are always on time in attending to them. They know how to manage their time well between running their families and performing maximally at work, a highly specialized skill every good leader should possess. Great leaders must be able to keep the team on the schedule and avoid delays in completing scheduled tasks.
  5. Mothers are great team players, and so are great leaders. Mothers are very skilled at carrying along every member of their families. They know how to handle sibling rivalry, and are able to keep everyone in their families on focus and on the same page. They know how to navigate that thin line of treating one family member with an unfair advantage over the others, thus maintaining a state of relative peace in their homes. Great leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of members of their teams and are able to manage them seamlessly, to achieve the team’s common goals.
  6. Mothers are excellent motivators. Mothers are adept at motivating members of their households to achieve desired goals, even when the horn of failure is blasting all around. They know how to keep members of their households inspired, even in the face of daunting challenges. In the same vein, a great leader highly motivates members of their teams. They give their teams a sense of “we are in this together”, and “your success or failure is also that of the teams.” This gives team members a sense of belonging and inspires them to give in their best for the success of the entire team.
  7. Mothers invest in their families. They invest their time, resources, and themselves to ensure that the welfare of their families is well taken care of. Great leaders also do same. They invest in their employees to bring out the best in them, by promoting a culture of professional development within the work environment. Great leaders are not bothered by the fact that an employee may cut ties with them one day, and thus hold back on empowering them. They spend their resources investing in them, to make them better people, irrespective of whether they choose to remain with them or not.Leadership Basics_12 Reasons Why Every Leader Should be a Mother.pic2
  8. Mothers are Empathic. Mothers have hearts of gold. They love their families, and always put the human touch in the way they deal with their families. They try to see the world through the eyes of their wards, and so are able to impact them better through that approach. Great leaders empathize with their teammates and are able to connect with them on a deeper level by seeing things from their perspectives. This is one of my favorite qualities of truly inspiring leaders. The ability to walk in the shoes of others, and appreciate where it hurts the most is a stellar attribute.
  9. Mothers are great at paying attention to details. Mothers understand every tiny bit of detail about their wards. They are quick to identify when a family member is not at his or her best and respond accordingly. This is another great quality of inspiring leaders. They have a great sense of emotional intelligence, and can tell when an employee is not performing at their best, and step in to take care of the situation.
  10. Mothers have a great memory. They know the schedules and routines of every single member of their households, notwithstanding how complicated those might be. Great leaders also possess the ability to remember their team’s schedules, duties, and A great leader would not need to be reminded of assigned tasks or work schedules. They have their memories organized to be able to keep track of schedules and assignments, of their teams.
  11. Mothers are great planners. They are skilled at planning their family’s schedules, months or even years in advance. Such mothers keep track of family engagements, including vacations and plan way ahead of time, even when such discussions have not yet made their rounds in public circles. Great leaders are also great planners. They are adept at planning their team’s schedules and activities, way ahead of when those events eventually take place.entrepreneur-593371_1920
  12. Mothers are great homemakers. They keep their families together even in the face of busy or conflicting schedules. They make their homes habitable, in the midst of all the activities that go on around their homes. Great leaders are also excellent office or workplace makers. They maintain the serenity of their work environments, so that everyone feels welcome, accepted and appreciated. Great leaders make their employees enjoy work, and even make them miss the times they spend out of work, such as on weekends or during vacations.

In wrapping this up, leadership goes beyond wearing the title or badge of a “leader.” Leadership entails impacting the lives of others and seeking to bring out the best in them. Leaders are not born, they are made. Great leaders can draw upon such unique characteristics of mothers, in order to make a difference in the lives of their team members. Therefore, if you are thinking about leadership, or are already functioning in the capacity of one, your priority should be about making the lives of those who you lead worthwhile. You may need to consider first becoming a “mother”, because, great mothers embody the full description, of what truly impactful leaders are.

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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