Dare to Stand Out and Make Your Mark!

Becoming successful and a person of great repute is way more than wishful thinking. Although so many people sincerely desire the successful life, fewer of that number actually go on to become successful.

If you must become successful, then you have to be willing to do something other than what you have been used to. Only a few people were born with silver spoons in their hands, the majority of the rest had to walk their way up that ladder of success. If you are going to leave an indelible mark in the sands of time, then you should be ready to put in the hard work. If you want your silhouette engraved on the wall of history, then rather than wishing about things turning out a certain way, it’s time to step out from the crowd and make your mark! Now let’s find out how.Silhoutte_1_1807511_1920.jpg

  1. You need to step away from your comfort zone. We were all born into different cultures, and have been used to how things are frequently done, depending on where you come from. We all grew up with certain beliefs about how certain things should and can be done. For example, some cultures still frown about educating the girl child. A great example is Pakistan. But we all know the incredible and brave story of Malala Yousafzai, and how she stood against all odds, and have engraved her name in the sands of history. She even went ahead and won the Noble Peace prize in 2014. That is what I am talking about. If you must do great things; if you must impact your world for good, dare to step out from your comfort zone and try out new things.
  2. Discover your passions, and go after them. Sometimes, we may find ourselves stuck in jobs or careers that rarely inspire us. We dread Mondays, and often cannot wait for Friday evenings to happen, even when it’s only 8.00am on a Monday morning. If you are experiencing that, then it means that job or career sucks, and you need to discover your passions and go after them. Passion gives birth to drive. What you are passionate about, will receive your undiluted commitment and attention. Going after what you love may not happen overnight, but it is better to make up your mind to make that change, by beginning with the first steps, which may just be equal to tiny baby steps.
  3. Follow your convictions. Sometimes, our passions may not align with current economic situations, family dynamics or what others think or say about them. The truth is that, if you must succeed at something, there needs to be at least one person who believes in the potential of that thing actually becoming successful. And that person is YOU. If you are sure about where your heart is, or where it is leading you to, just go for it. You may be surprised that those who had tried to dissuade or discourage you from following through on your convictions, may end up falling in line with you when they see what your passion starts birthing forth.Silhoutte_2_1807511_1920.jpg
  4. Be consistent with your actions. You cannot be saying one thing, while your actions are contrary to what you preach. You should be adding value to that which you are passionate about, in order for it to become real. And that involves daily, weekly, monthly or yearly actions that will drive you closer to your goal. If you truly want to make a mark and be ahead of the rest, you may sometimes experience discomfort or disappointments, that may serve to discourage you or sway you off course. But don’t give in, and don’t be too bothered about your pace, because as long as you are doing something consistently that impacts your end goal, the efforts are absolutely worth the time.
  5. Engage in continuous improvement activities. You need to perfect your craft, and that may involve continuous improvement exercises. You may need to get an advanced degree, get training or certifications. You may also need to seek out mentors who have walked that very same path you are interested in walking. This is the 21st Century, and odds are that the way things are done now may be considerably different from the way they were done in the past.
  6. Stay focused, even when things do not seem to be going the way you planned. Sometimes, in our quest to do something different, and change the narratives of our lives, things may not go exactly the way we want them to go. But the truth is that achieving great feats requires patience and diligence, as the results of all our efforts and hard work may not show up when we expect them to. But don’t get tied down by that fact. Keep your eyes stayed on the finish line, with the determination of a lion, and in due course, you would be standing taller than your peers, because you dared to be different!

In wrapping this up, people who do great things, step away from their comfort zones in order to make their imprints in the silhouette of history. You can become anything you desire if you choose not to go with what is considered “normal”. Great people do “abnormal” things, because they dared to carry out stints considered unconventional. Still desirous of making your mark, dare to stand out and do the impossible!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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