Beauty in Diversity: The Color of our Hearts, NOT our Skins; DEFINE Us!

Living in a world with so much hatred and bias against our fellow man, is really a difficult experience. We have become blinded by things that add no value to our lives, by upholding practices and behaviors which only serves to tear us apart, rather than bringing us together. We are quick to judge others, based on the way our senses interpret them to us, instead of seeing them through the lenses of the Creator.

You see, I am a Champion for inclusion and diversity (in case you didn’t notice, these are in my tag line). I love human beings in general, and I love them because I know that the ONE who created us differently, had a reason for this in His grand design, and I know that design must have been very good. I do not care what or how anybody looks like, in my dealings with them. I see and treat people, just for who they are.

Maybe, my approach about this, comes from a place of love and acceptance; principles upon which I was raised by my parents. I was taught to love and treat everyone I came across, the same way I would love to be treated. And thankfully, I have carried with me these same principles, into my adult years, which guides my interactions and relationship with my fellow man.

According to Captain Donald Williams,

“The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us”– Captain Donald Williamsbeauty in diversity.jpgWhat do we all have in common? What is it that we all share which should bring us together, rather than tear us apart? We share our common human race. We are all part of this race, beautifully designed to make this world a better place.

Our diversity is no weakness to the human race, but rather strengthens us and affords us the opportunity to achieve greater things if we stand united together. So many people have passed up on relationships that could have brought out the best in them, because they were only waiting for those who looked exactly like them. However,

“including people with differences is the right thing to do”– Sarah Greichen

It is time to begin to see people for who they are and what they represent. It is time to look beyond the exterior, and focus on what truly defines us-our hearts. The heart is the seat of our intents and actions. A beautiful heart is far worth more than rubies. Our society needs more beautiful hearts, than beautiful skins. People who are ready to go the extra mile, to make the world a much better place for us to live in. However, if we allow our senses limit the extent of our visions, we may never get to see the real beauty in our fellow man.

In wrapping this up, let’s learn to celebrate that which unites us, rather than separate us, and that is our diversity. Our diversity is a gift from the Creator to make us better, stronger and more productive. In the words of Bill Johnson,

“You can love people and not love God, but you can’t love God and not love people”– Bill Johnson.

It is time for us to change our perceptions about people that do not physically look like us, and begin to appreciate the beauty that unites us-the diversity in our human race. I hope you will join me in making that change!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada




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