I Received the shocker of my life, AND it wasn’t pleasant!

His words hit me like a lightning bolt. I was shocked to my bones, as I felt my body begin to shake, with tear filled eyes and sweaty palms. Slowly and steadily, I looked up, to meet the gaze of the person who had just spoken those words. And then it struck me hard, and the feeling was indeed very painful. The realization that I had been a fool for that long, so naïve and very trusting, tugged at my heart, that it almost felt like it was going to rip apart.

I had known Jake for quite a long time, from growing up in the same neighborhood. He was someone I looked up to, career-wise. This was so because, he had really accomplished a lot for himself within a short period of his career, and everything with him had seemed very perfect. He also acted like he knew the answer to every professional question (or so my naïve mind thought), and I naturally believed that he met the perfect description of a career mentor.

So, here I was, the naïve little girl that had just started out on her career journey, going to Jake for every single advice under the sun, to advance to my next level. I sought Jake’s opinion for everything. From preparing a resume, to applying to the right jobs, to getting the right certifications, etc. Initially, I thought he had been receptive and was willing to help me, and so I kept approaching him.

However, after a while, with none of my efforts yielding any results, I decided to approach Jake again, to talk about a possible strategy change to my career search. Things looked like they weren’t just working for me, which was quite shocking, since I presumed that I was working with the “expert” in the field. I mean, Jake was the guy that got all the great offers form very reputable organizations, and all he needed to do was pick from a range of mouthwatering offers, so I wondered why I wasn’t making my own headway.Shock_lightning-1056419_1920.jpgThat meeting with Jake to talk about a possible strategy change in my career search, changed my life forever. Because, apart from receiving the shocker of my life, it also inspired something in me-to never give up, until I achieve my life’s goals.

Jake said, why would you think I would want to help you anyway? You want to get a job and become better than me? Hell no! not with my help! You go figure it out yourself.” His words sounded like poison, that became too heavy for me to swallow. First and foremost, I couldn’t understand where those words came from. He was supposed to be my friend for goodness sake, and we had never had any major quarrels to make me think otherwise. Was he jealous or angry with me about something I knew nothing about? Why in the world would he harbor such intentions in his heart? I couldn’t utter a word, but looked up slowly at him, with tear filled eyes, and walked out of that room.

I cried very hard that day, and this is why. I didn’t cry because Jake refused to help me achieve my dreams. I cried because of how naïve and trusting I had been of him to help me, and how in the process, I had wasted valuable time, which I could have put to better use, elsewhere. But even in my distress and pain, I made up my mind never to give up on becoming the best in whatever I did, and the rest is history today. The shock from my experience with Jake, made me a better and wiser person.

Sometimes in life, we may come in contact with people who may treat us in ways that we least expect them to. People who we may have trusted with our hearts and lives, could very well turn around and shock the hell out of us, by showing us their bitter sides. This is life. When that happens, rather than becoming despondent and worn out, pick up yourself, and find the courage and strength to move on, and make up your mind to become better at your craft.shock_woman-1447082_1920.jpgThe unfortunate September 11th, 2011 terrorist attack on the United States, was a shocker to the whole world. While those evil beings thought to demean and weaken the greatest Country on earth with their monstrous deeds, it only made the Country stronger. America as a Country, did not allow the evil perpetrated by a bunch of miscreants diminish it, rather, it made us stronger as a Country.

So, what is the take away from this piece?

  1. Always remember that humans will always be humans. They can change their colors like chameleons. Do not get too overwhelmed, when they shock you with acts that you least expected, because such is life. Jake is a perfect example.
  2. Be careful who you ask for help from, on your road to success. The person you think is doing everything possible to guide you on your journey to success, may actually be the one making sure that what you have always wanted, doesn’t get to you. Be on your guard for sweet talkers.
  3. Never allow the actions of evil people shock you to the extent that you give up on your dreams. Rather, let their actions spur you on, with the renewed resolve to go all out to achieve your dreams. And guess what? They would hear about all the amazing feats you have pulled through, because success doesn’t hide. It has a sweet-smelling aroma that quickly fills the air, and everyone surely wants a taste of it.

I hope that you will keep breaking boundaries and would never stop until you achieve those cherished dreams of yours!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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