How to take Advantage of Loopholes and turn them into Success Stories

We often wait for things to become a certain way, before taking the next steps in life. For example, we might be waiting to shed off some pounds before making that relationship change, waiting for that promotion at work (that is taking forever to come through) before making a career change, or generally just waiting to get to certain positions in life, before doing the next BIG thing. This approach to life is not a very fancy way to live life, because it robs us of countless opportunities which we very often take for granted. And because we have our attentions fixed on some other perfect “scenes” in the future, we end up missing out big time.

Very frequently, loopholes exist around us. These little slits are waiting for the next person to seize on them, in order to kick poverty and perpetual lack through the back door. There are countless windows of opportunities everywhere. But because we have our minds pre-occupied with other things, we end up missing out on the juicy rewards they often have in store. For example, in the United States, a tax reform has just been passed by the Congress and Senate, which has been signed into law by President Donald Trump. The LA Times report of December 31st 2017 stated that: “the tax plan that President Trump signed into law ………………. creates one of the largest new loopholes in decades: a 20% deduction for “pass-through income.” According to the same report, “pass-through income” is business income that is immediately “passed through” to the owner’s personal tax return, thereby avoiding the corporate income tax. Proponents of the Republican tax plan claim the cut benefits small businesses, but that’s a red herring. In reality, the new deduction disproportionately benefits the wealthy, penalizes workers and, in part because it so complex, will ultimately reward those who can afford the best tax advice.”loophole_What’s the hidden truth beneath these? So many people have gone on to capitalize on the loopholes within the system, to make great gains for themselves. Even the current President of the United States, President Donald Trump, said during one of the Presidential debates in 2016 that, he was “smart” for not paying taxes. Why I do not support evading or exploiting government systems for profiteering, I do support individuals capitalizing on legitimate loopholes within the system, to make great gains. And you know what? Such loopholes or windows of opportunities are superfluous around us. They are everywhere. If only we would just take a minute to stop, and begin to see things more clearly. So rather than spending the entire time, waiting for that better future to happen for you, I share tips on how to take advantages of the numerous loopholes we have around us.

  1. Quit complaining about everything that is wrong or not working within the system and open your eyes and see. Mind you, I did not say open your eyes and look. I said see. This is because, there is a significant difference between looking and actually seeing. Some people seem to be looking, but they actually are not seeing anything. This is because they have had theirs hearts and minds fixated on certain routes, i.e. how things are supposed to act out and anything that falls short of their expectations, do not catch their attention. So many people are stuck in jobs they do not like, but because of the paychecks they receive at the end of the month, have become somewhat comfortable just flowing with the tide every month. If you are in this group, it is time to start seeing, rather than looking. And this starts with changing your mindset, and also includes to quit complaining about every and anything that is not working around you.
  2. Identify your interest: What is your passion? What is that career or field that really intrigues your interest? The more passionate you are about something, the more vigor and tenacity you would apply to it, in order to make something off that passion. You do not have to follow the crowd, or get involved in something just for the sake of doing it. Your passion is the fuel that would drive you to break barriers, in your bid to achieve success.super-hero_loophole-3083468_1920.jpg
  3. Carry out your own dedicated Research. There is information everywhere. In fact, too much information in some cases. But there is never a paucity of information. The internet itself is stocked with a lot of freebies, that you want to take advantage of. Once you have identified your interest, find out the next steps required for that journey. Mind you, things may not happen immediately, but getting more information about what is required helps you plan well, and realistically. For example, in the new tax reform bill that has just been signed into law, the crafters of the bill indicate that small businesses have been given tax breaks. Have you bothered to check what might be in it for you? Go do your homework, because there are bound to be loopholes that you can take advantage of to better your lot.
  4. Ask for help or advice from People that can help you. But be careful to ask for advice from truly genuine people. When in doubt of someone’s interest in your pursuit, I would recommend paying for professional help, if you can afford it. Because what you end up paying, may be a paltry sum, compared to the gains you may get at the end.

In wrapping this up, there are loopholes everywhere, which we can capitalize on, to propel us to our next level in life. Rather than remaining blind to the countless opportunities around us due to incessant complaints, why not open your eyes and begin to see the things you have previously taken for granted? You can indeed turn the loopholes which daily swamp us into success stories. The question is, are you willing to make the move and brave it out? I hope you would!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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  1. Eye-opening. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Evi Abada says:

      Thanks for reading my article and you are most welcome!

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