How Being AGILE and FLEXIBLE can help you achieve your life’s GOALS

At first glance, the words agile and flexible may convey a similar meaning to you. But in reality, these 2 words though somewhat similar, have very stark differences between them, and I want to share how you can apply them to achieving your life’s goals.

Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily, being nimble, supple, alert, perceptive or sharp. Flexibility on the other hand is the quality of bending easily without breaking. It is the ability to be pliable, resilient, versatile, and amenable. Flexibility is also the ability to be easily modified or the willingness to change or compromise. In order to make great gains in your march towards success, you must become proficient in the application of both strategies, and I would show you how. But first, let us take a look at how these words are used in the business world.

These 2 buzz words are often used in the business world, to mean entirely different things. According to, “when referring to flexibility in supply-chain management, managers generally mean scheduling or planning for an unforeseen development. These types of developments are usually unexpected surprises, but businesses can plan for them and make room in their regular business procedures for adaptations, as necessary. An example of this is a grocery store on the U.S. Gulf Coast ordering extra water and batteries during the typical hurricane months. Whether or not a hurricane actually hits the region, the grocery store is prepared for an influx of customers, who need to buy essential supplies.”Agility_1.jpgStill from is that, “when referring to agility in supply-chain management, managers usually mean being able to respond to unplanned for or unscheduled external circumstances. An example of this is an unexpected terrorist attack. No one would be able to predict such an attack; so grocery stores wouldn’t order extra supplies in advance. However, the test of the store’s agility, is seeing how many essential supplies it has in its stock room, as well as how fast its vendors will deliver more supplies.”

So, what does this mean for you as you ponder on what next to do, in advancing towards your goals? Let’s take a step backwards and try to analyze these concepts. As humans, we generally do not plan for the “not-too-good” days. We all try to assume that things would always go a certain way, and when they do not, we may find ourselves in situations we never imagined. Sometimes, when we fail at ventures we hoped were going to turn out successful, the consequences may overwhelm us if we are not on our guards. And even when it looks like we had planned for the gloomy days, situations are bound to change which we may never have planned for.

For example, what would be your lot if you suddenly lose your job because you were fired, terminated or you suddenly quit because of an unbearable boss? What would happen if you suddenly lose a loved one or suddenly become seriously sick, and in the position to no longer help yourself?

If we are to become successful in life, then we must be agile and flexible in our decision making skills, and also be ready to adapt to new and changing situations, as they come up every day. Successful people prepare for the “down-times”, and even when a “certain down-time” occurs that they were originally unprepared for, are able to quickly bounce right up, pick up themselves, and get back on course.agility_2This brings to mind some wise words:

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”-Winston Churchill

Therefore, rather than giving up or getting tired when things do not go exactly as you have planned, be agile about it and STOP complaining about everything that is not working and begin to open your eyes so you can see/appreciate other ideas, solutions or opportunities. Be ready to bend and adapt to new and always changing situations. Do not have inflexible opinions about doing anything, but be malleable, supple and versatile, with nimbleness of adapting to any and every situation. And if things do go exactly as you planned them to, I have to say Congratulations to you, and that you keep at what you do, but be ready to make changes and adapt, when they do show up.

If you must make good success, then you should recognize that the path to your greatness might be altered through no fault or making of yours. However, do not regard obstacles as road blocks, but as opportunities to pause and see the bigger picture. With a renewed mindset, focus, determination, consistency, flexibility and agility, you will cut through that tape and cross the finish line! I am rooting for you!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada




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