Depression has no Friends!

A friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual relations. A friend is also a companion, soul mate, intimate, confidant, playmate, associate, buddy, ally, brother, sister, etc. Unfortunately, depression is none of these but somehow finds its way to the seat of our emotions.

Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection, usually as a result of one’s unsolved vulnerabilities and self-doubt. It grips the soul and evokes grave feelings of unhappiness, misery, wretchedness, gloominess, despair, sorrow and desolation. Feelings so strong that it completely consumes the entire being, so much so that the victim completely becomes a shadow of their former self.

Depression is evil, toxic and a cankerworm that has eaten so deeply into society. With the ravaging world systems and current economic and global events, it has found several preys, and like a boar constrictor, has wrapped itself around so many lives, leaving them desperately forlorn.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to this toxin. No family is allergic to it. It shows up unannounced and it can strike at any time. It has claimed several lives, and unfortunately, it might claim several more, if we do not do more as a society for these vulnerable victims.

I recently wrote a post encouraging people going through tough and difficult situations to brave out the storm (see link to post here), and the feedback has been an eye opener for me. I realize that the problem might be worse than we think.

Depression is not limited by geographical boundaries, race, gender, time or space. It just shows up even when not invited; to unleash its terror on innocent individuals. People are desperately in need for someone to talk to; someone to share their pains and burdens with.depression has no friends.jpgAnd the very concerning thing about this nuisance is the fact that, we may not be aware that someone is ensnared with this poison, because sometimes the face could be deceptive. But please know that so many people all around us, may not be having a good ride with life, and these people need us to comfort them, to encourage them, to uplift them. They need our help. Please spend the time to pay close attention to the people around you, and be ready to wrap your hands around them in a warm embrace with the assurance that everything, no matter the gravity of the situation would be ok.

Sometime ago, I experienced a desperate situation in my life and wasn’t having the best of rides, and that experience inspired me to write and publish my first book. Even though I wrote the book myself, I must tell you that it helped me come out a stronger and better person, after that chapter of my life. I came back with a renewed mentality and an attitude of, “come what may, I would always be the victor, and NOT the victim”. And till date, I still refer to some principles in that book, and I would love you to have it handy too. And because this is something I am so passionate about, I will be giving out free digital copies to the first 200 people who indicate an interest. Please fill out your information on the contact page, if you or someone you know think you may find it helpful.

Disclaimer: The principles outlined in the book are faith based; but can be applied to any and every situation/circumstance.

To wrap this up, you can indeed beat depression, along with all the evil emotions it evokes. You are stronger than its grips, and have the ability to kick it out of your life. I wish that you will find the strength to rise above that situation, and come out tougher against the ill elements of this world. And I sincerely hope that my little gift to you helps you out of that situation, like it did for me. Keep holding on and never give up, because you can indeed beat this. I am rooting for you!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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