Hang in there, You CAN Weather the storm!

I learned of this story some time ago, how a certain young man almost took the easy way out. He had been laid off from his previous job, and had done everything he could to find another one.

He had exhausted all his prior savings, and had begun to live from hand to mouth. He never had any head way, no matter what he tried, and life just seemed like a living hell. To make matters worse, all his friends, family and close associates had deserted him, and he soon found out that he was all by himself.

For months and years on end, he suffered in pain and shame, and experienced what it truly felt like to be “alone”, with no one to turn to. And it was indeed a horrible feeling, and one he felt he could no longer cope with. He had become depressed, so bad that he had considered taking his life several times, but had been unable to follow through with that thought. Until one day.

He decided that since no one cared about him, or even knew anything about him, if he killed himself at home, people may not even realize that he was no more. So he decided to attend a local Church, 2 streets away from where he lived. In his heart, he said he was going to make a spectacle of dancing very vigorously in the church, so that he could be noticed by everyone that attended the service that day. He planned to do that because, he said that after that particular service, the possibility of someone from the church coming to check up on him if they didn’t see him again would be high, and therefore, someone would be able to discover his dead body when they arrived.weather the storm.jpgAccording as he had planned, he made a show of himself at the church and really danced himself out until he was fatigued. But, when he later heard during the sermon that God loves us in ways that we could never imagine, he became shocked to his bones. He was shocked because he hadn’t known love for as long as he could remember, because all the people that should have loved him; had abandoned him. However, the Minister had sounded so convincing about the reality of God’s love that he had decided to wait after the service to speak with him.

And that was when his life turned around for good. He told the Minister his intention of taking his own life, and the real reason he had come to the church that day. He also told him about the fact that he had been deserted by friends and family, and thought he had gotten to his breaking point. Apart from providing him with counselling services, he was also mentored and soon enough, he was back on his feet, and the rest is history.

Are you going through a tough time in life? Do you think you have tried everything and imagine that there is no way out of that misery? Do you consider taking the easy way out? Have you been abandoned, deserted, bullied and shamed? Are you depressed and think there is no silver lining in the horizon?

Hang in there, because you can weather the storm! There are still a lot of good people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand. No matter what you are going through right now, I want you to know that “this too shall pass”. If you will just be a little more patient, things will soon begin to fall in place. There is help all around you, if only you will be willing to share that pain with someone!

Please do not take the easy way out, because your life is a precious GIFT that should be nurtured with care and love. And I wanted to tell you that in spite of what is happening today in the world, there is still a lot of love around. So hang in there my dear friend, because you can indeed weather this storm! I am rooting for you!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada




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  1. ... says:

    I’m certainly not a precious gift. Trying to hang on but I’ve had enough to be honest. Hi from Porirua, New Zealand anyway. Have a nice day.


    1. Evi Abada says:

      Hi there. Thank you so much for reading through my post. I totally appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know again that contrary to what you may think, your life is really a precious gift. I know that sometimes, life has its way of dealing us some blows, but we must never give in, because the tougher it may seem, the greater is your victory! Do you mind us chatting more? I would be happy to do that. Please kindly use my contact page, and I would be in touch with you.


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