Dancing Around? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step!

I have seen people set goals for themselves at the beginning of every year, but unfortunately find that they were unable to accomplish anything at the end of the year. And such people frequently close out the year with frustration and a sense of loss because, they were unable to make good on what they had said they would do.

There are several reasons why this happens, but I would be focusing on one very important factor that prevents people from achieving their dreams. And that is a lack of consistency. Often, people are unable to do that which they had said they would, because they tend to undulate, i.e. move back and forth on the steps they need to take, to bring their dreams to fruition.

At the center of a lack of consistency is fear. As humans, we generally are afraid of taking risks. The fear of the unknown, often keeps us trapped in one spot, and as a result we are caught in an oscillatory conflicted zone, without making any advancements towards our desired destinations.

If you want to really succeed in life, you must be willing and ready to make the move, irrespective of the uncertainty that lies ahead. Instead of focusing on the unknown and allowing unpredictability hold you back, just close your eyes, and advance anyway.Undulate. jpegFor some, the experience of a prior failure tends to limit the extent we may be willing to go, in order to launch out again. And as a result, rather than stepping out in confidence towards our target, we are focused more on the odds on the way, and therefore take one step forward, and three steps backward.

The journey to success is not that with a fluctuating or undulating motion, but one of consistency, tenacity and focus. No matter how little the steps are, it is far better than taking no steps at all, or dancing back and forth around the same position. Remember that little drops of water, makes the ocean overflow.

Because this is life, you must be aware that you may not have a smooth ride all the way. But irrespective of that reality, the most important thing is what you have your eyes set at. Never loose sight of what the final destination looks like, because that is what will continue to keep you engaged and motivated, in spite of the obstacles on the way.

I am passionate about success and also seeing others succeed, and that is why I focus a lot of my writing on the topic. I truly want you to succeed, because I know you have the capacity to achieve it. So, as you venture out on your journey, take your eyes off the distractions, inconveniences and pain along the way, and remain focused on your journey. And I can guarantee you that you would soon have a success story to share!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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