Forget the lies, Life is NOT short! I will tell you what it is

Have you ever heard that phrase, “life is short”? If you have, what meaning does it convey to you, when you hear, see or read about it?

Well, contrary to what many people say, think or believe, I do not subscribe to that saying that “life is short”, and here is why: When you tell people that “life is short”, it subtly puts unwarranted pressures on them, which may adversely affect their quality of life.

Let’s pause and think for a second. Can you remember when you last encountered that phrase being used? I can bet that it was not in a very pleasant circumstance. Oftentimes, when people use this phrase, it usually connotes a dire situation, which is characteristically interpreted as extremely serious or urgent. And what do you think that does to the human mind?-Desperation, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. and I believe that these emotions do not seek to make anyone’s life better.

The other day, I got called to go counsel a friend who had been having a really hard time with life. And you know what he kept saying? “O my God, life is so short, why do I have to endure all this mess?” That was when I told him that he had held on to the wrong belief for far too long.

Here is my take on the issue. Life is NOT short; but life is a GIFT! And what is the definition of a gift? A gift is something that is given generously and willingly to someone, without payment or obligation. And a gift is meant to be enjoyed, treasured, and nurtured with care.Life is a gift.docx.pngYour life is a GIFT, and you owe no one any explanation to live it as such. Fine, we sometimes may go through challenges and difficulties, but that should never undermine the way we treat and nurture this GIFT. Never allow the pressures of life overwhelm you, to the extent that you lose its very essence. Whatever it is that is putting you on edge, and telling you to do ‘this’ or ‘that’ now because life is short, please turn around and stop them right there; in their tracks.

With a little patience, and a clear vision, you will soon have a success story to share. Live one day at a time; and everything else will fall into place.

When you have given it your BEST, and you just want to REST, take a moment and breathe; because right in your hands is the BEST GIFT ever- YOU!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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