What to do when Depression shows up Unannounced

We all go through those bad and gloomy days. We sometimes experience the low point of our lives. At other times, things may not exactly be working exactly the way we want them to go. What do we do when we find ourselves experiencing bouts of sadness, misery, or melancholy? How should we react when we suddenly feel so forlorn and dejected, or when depression abruptly shows up unannounced?

Life is a beautiful experience. But sometimes, we may not be having the best of it, which may put us at risk of some emotional turbulence manifesting as loneliness, sadness, gloom, unhappiness, dejection, wretchedness, and at the extreme, the all-time big word “Depression”. We may find that we soon become hopeless, desperate, unfulfilled and even filled with contempt for the world itself.

I remember sometime in the past when I hadn’t lived up to some expectations, and how emotionally low I became. I wasn’t happy at all, and couldn’t see the good in anything around me. It took the application of several strategies (which I am going to share with you shortly), to prevent me from going down the cliff of depression. And I am very excited to share them with you, because I am sure that this may just help somebody out there.

So many people are walking the streets depressed, and not many people around them may be able to recognize it. These people are like ticking time bombs, and without a great support system or network, may find themselves precipitously going down that cliff.Forlon_woman-2912367_1280.jpgIf you find that for any reason under the sun, you are not feeling your best, the first thing I wanted to let you know is that, you are not alone. Have you lost interest in what you previously derived pleasure from? Are you experiencing insomnia, lack of appetite or concentration? Do you feel unusual guilt about anything, or are you experiencing a depressed mood? Please know that, no matter what, depression can show up at any time, and in order for you to be able to stop it in its tracks, I share these tips with you.

  1. Find someone you trust to talk to. This may be a family member or a friend. You do not have to suffer it alone, or in silence. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Rather than bottling up all that pain and shame within, find someone you can at least let it out to. Someone you can cry on their shoulders, and someone who would not be judgmental about your situation. If you cannot find someone to talk to, feel free to talk to me. You see, during those down periods of your life is when you need the support of trusted individuals the most, to help you navigate that bend. So you do not want to go the route alone.
  2. Avoid anything that reminds you of the painful experience. These may include places, people, the internet/social media, etc. Because, what the eyes or ears do not see or hear, the heart does not beat about.
  3. Remain in the company of trusted friends and family. As much as possible, you should try to spend more time with the people you are comfortable with. This would help take your mind away from that thing that is causing a whole lot of stress to you, and give you the opportunity to begin to focus on other things.
  4. Engage in other distracting fun activities. This is something that you have to be willing to do deliberately and may include activities like going to the movies, sports, games, etc. Find people that share your interests to mingle with.
  5. Develop the mindset of a victor. You should be able to tell depression that you are stronger than it, and that it has no right to steal your joy. Read, listen to or watch inspiring articles/books (like those on this website), that would motivate you to bring out the best in you. The truth is that sometimes, we think we have the greatest problems on earth, until we hear those of our next door neighbors. Do not allow one situation dictate the outcome of your life. Remember that life is a rolling ball. Sometimes, it may roll towards you, and at other times, it may roll away from you. When it rolls away from you, don’t stress it. Just a little more patience, and you will soon begin to kick that ball in whatever direction you want!
  6. If after applying the above steps, nothing seems to be working, then it’s time to seek professional help. You do not have to suffer alone in silence. Depression is an illness, just like hypertension and diabetes, and they can all be managed with the right team of professionals, and medications. Therefore, you do not need to succumb to the discomfort and pain of your diagnosis, but rather stand up tall, square your shoulders, and let’s kick this “D” word out of your life.

So, if you find the “D” word lurking around you, do not wait until it completely secures its grip on you. Get up, and kick it out, by refusing to go on the journey alone. I know you can beat this. I am rooting for you! Never Give Up!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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