Channel Your Abilities towards ADDING Value NOT Venom to Others

We live in a deeply polarized world, and unfortunately, many of us have lost our sense of humanity in the process. We have become so self-centered that, other than using our innate gifts and abilities to the benefit of mankind, we have rather chosen to destroy the very string that keeps us together as a community. Rather than build others up, we would rather tear them apart; and this is very deeply concerning, considering the fact that our children are watching, and learning from our actions.

I have seen people, greatly talented in community organizing and public speaking, who instead of funneling those incredible talents to bringing the community together to achieve a common good, have rather used them to organize senseless rallies and riots, which have torn several communities apart.

I have also seen and read about people, with incredible technical skills, highly dexterous with their hands, and instead of using those gifts to create something that benefits mankind, have channeled them to causing mayhem to other human beings.

Why is this happening? It may shock you to know that the underlying reason why a lot of people behave this way, is because of self-centeredness. This people believe that their gifts and talents are for them, and them alone. Well, this may not have become a problem if they had just stuck with their gifts, rather than creating extreme rancor in today’s environment.

You may be reading this piece and be saying to yourself, “well I don’t have any special gifts, so this does not apply to me”. That’s a fallacy in its entirety, because no one was ever born empty. We were all born, loaded with varied and distinctive talents, which we are supposed to help make this world a better place.Value_help-3049553_1920.jpgDo you engage in petty gossip? Do you make processes that are supposed to be easy more cumbersome for others? Do you go out of your way to deny others what is truly theirs? Do you deliberately make the life of another person unbearable? Do you belittle people, and make them feel less than humans? Do you bully people (yes, adults get bullied too)? Do you judge others for no justifiable reasons, and so treat them unfairly because of the ‘sentences’ you have passed on them? The list is endless.

The point is that, if our actions do not bring out the best in others, but rather fuels extreme malice, bitterness, animosity, malevolence, antagonism, hostility or spite, then we are adding venom, rather than value to their lives.

You see, this world can indeed become a better and peaceful place, if the adults in it can just go back to becoming children. I love children and I learn alot from them. Children are so forgiving and helpful of one another. They always want the best for their friends/playmates, and it is such a beautiful experience to behold! Why can’t the grown-up’s act this way? The truth is that if you find that your actions only go to make the other person worse off, then why go ahead to do it?

I spend some of my time working with an organization that provides services for teenagers and young adults caught in the web of drug/substance use and overdosing. When I interact with these individuals, the least I can ever do, is to make these unique members of our society feel worse than they already do. I know they are struggling with the substance use issue (and we all struggle with different issues), and I sincerely would want them to make better, healthier choices. Therefore I must be empathic, reassuring and truly inspiring in my dealings with them, because I want them to be able to trust me and open up to me.

Imagine if I had to go with an ‘all-judgmental attitude’, of what value would that be to these amazing individuals? Some of these people got embroiled in substance use and addiction through no fault of theirs. The harsh circumstances of life had gotten them there, and it’s my responsibility to help (in the best way as I possibly can), get them out of there. I would rather work to add value to their lives, than to take away the little ebb of self-worth that they have left.

The take away? We are all uniquely gifted and individually talented beings. Wherever we are, and in whatever circumstance we find ourselves, we can effectively add values to the lives of others. A bright smile; a gentle hug; a mild tap on the back; all go a long way to brighten someone else’s day. However, if you think you cannot afford to do away with these little kind gestures, then please stay put to yourself, but do not make the world more complicated for the next person. Add Value; Not Venom!

To your continued success! Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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