Success has MANY Definitions

I have found myself in situations where I have been over-burdened because; I couldn’t meet up to set targets. I have lost precious sleep, skipped meals and experienced multiple bouts of sadness, because I had failed to live up to certain expectations. And as you would expect, anyone burdened by pressures of this sort, end up rubbing off their stale emotional state on those around them, which can negatively impact treasured relationships. And I was no exception to the rule.

For a long time, I grappled with the fear of failure, in trying to reach the mark of success defined by certain standards. At the time, I concluded that success had only one definition: it had to be ‘this’ or nothing else, and if I fell short of meeting up to ‘this’, then I automatically became a failure. O! How wrong I was to have thought that way! I only wish I knew the things I now know, because I would have avoided wasting so much time in trying to fit into certain standards. And this is so because I now know better; that success indeed has many definitions.

What is your definition of success? And what is the source of that definition, if I may ask? Are you drowning in the sea of self-loathing, sadness and depression because you have not been able to meet up to some certain standards? Have you destroyed treasured relationships because you have suddenly become a mood hoover? Are you acting like me, by losing out on your sleep, meals, health and relationships? If the answer to any of these questions is in the positive, then this article is especially dedicated to you.

I wanted to let you know that success, irrespective of whatever definition is out there, has many definitions. And depending on your particular location on the ladder of life, can be defined to especially suit where you are. The fact that other people are going ahead to achieve or attain certain feats, while it seems as though nothing is happening with you, does not automatically make you a failure.Success has many Definitions.jpegYou see, the problem we frequently encounter as humans is the fact that, we have zeroed in our vision onto a ‘particular’ definition of success, and have shut our eyes to see beyond that definition. And if by any chance we fall short of that standard, we are very quick to pass judgment on ourselves that we have failed, which is not a very healthy way to live. This is because, when we wire our minds to believe that there is only one road to achieving success; and find that for one reason or the other are unable to go through the roadblocks on the way, we immediately lend ourselves to a putrid emotional state. And if not properly managed, may even end up in depression and low self-esteem (these are both topics for another post)!

So what is the take away from this? Please understand that becoming successful has to start from your mind, and that involves a renewed mentality that success can indeed be achieved through several paths, and not only by going through a particular route. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did not complete their College education, but are today amongst the richest men in the world.

If you truly desire to become successful, it is time to do away with the ‘stereotyped definitions’, and begin to open your heart to the endless possibilities and opportunities that daily surround us. Anyone indeed can be a SUCCESS story, and I sincerely hope that YOURs will be ONE of them!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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