Don’t Stress it; Rest it

I remember sometime in the past while applying for positions, I ended up applying to multiple positions within one organization, but in different departments. I interviewed with one of the hiring managers who was impressed by my background and experience, but also wanted me to interview with people that would have been my peers if I had taken the role.

Interviewing with the ‘would-be’ peers felt awkward. It was clear from our conversations that they weren’t comfortable with my wealth of experience. Long story short, I ended up not getting the job. smile-2072908_1920.jpgI became stressed out. I was sad because I knew I had been passed over for some intangible reasons. But guess what? I ended up getting a much higher position within that same organization, in another department. And you know what felt more awkward? As part of the responsibilities of the new position, I had to train people from different departments, including the people that would have been my peers in that other department.

Life is like a ball; sometimes it may roll towards you, at other times it may roll away from you. Don’t stress it; rest it. When one door closes, others will open up for you. Maintain the focus on your goal with patience and consistency, and you will soon have a success story to share!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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