Stagnation comes with a Price: ‘You must Give something, to Get something’

If you had a garden where you spent your valuable time planting vegetables, and you never tended to it to make sure they are not overtaken by weeds, what do you think would happen to your crops? I know the answer is obvious, but let me just go ahead and answer it: your poor vegetables would be suffocated by weeds, and you will never be able to have those vegetables ready in the fall!

However, if you really cared enough about those vegetables, I bet that you would pay particular attention to them, by making sure they stayed well hydrated, with adequate sunlight, air and manure (or fertilizer); i.e. you would ensure that you make the necessary resources available to boost the growth of your little farmland. In the same vein as humans, in order for us to record growth in any area of our lives, we must ensure that the required resources are available in the right proportions, to spur us on. Easy; right? But there is a problem.

The problem is that some of us, rather than taking the necessary steps to stimulate our growth in the right direction, spend our whole time complaining about everything and everyone else, other than us. We focus all our energy, time and attention in analyzing everything that is bad or wrong around us, and oftentimes, fail to do the needful.

Somewhere in our heads (and maybe hearts), we expect the puzzle to just fit perfectly, without us making any attempt, effort or move. And then when things don’t go as we envisaged, we blame the whole world for the doom.Growth_apple-1873078_1920.jpgYou must understand that the ability for you to experience growth and be successful; is in your hands. You are the only person that can make your bed in the most comfortable way that would suit you; otherwise, you have to make do with what other people fix for you.

Except you were born with a silver spoon in your hand; but if you are like the majority of us, you must understand that success is not cheap (read my article on Success is not Cheap here), and that it comes with a price. I bet you are tired of remaining in the same spot in life, year after year. I feel you, because I was in that position before. Therefore, in order for you to experience and live that growth you have always dreamed about, I share with you some tips that have worked for me:

  1. Take responsibility for your life. Many of us attribute our failures, and by default (maybe) our successes to others. Stop doing that. You must be responsible for your decisions and actions, and never attribute the outcome of your life to someone else. Developing an attitude of responsibility automatically comes with making smart choices. If you want to experience the growth that you so earnestly desire, be responsible for yourself, my dear friend.
  2. Invest in yourself. Many of us want to experience growth or have success, but we do not want to do anything about it. We prefer to remain in one position, ‘marking precious time’. If you truly want to become successful, you have to cultivate the habit of participating in continuous improvement exercises. And this includes attending seminars, trainings, lectures, reading books, watching training videos, getting a higher education, getting required certifications etc. The list is endless depending on your field and what applies to you. The point is that, ‘you must give something, to get something’.growth_2.jpg
  3. Look around you, there are opportunities everywhere. The reason you have not been seeing them is that you have spent too much time complaining, rather than looking for ways to make inroads wherever you find yourself.
  4. Imbibe the virtue of patience. Another big hindrance to growth is impatience. Sometimes, we are so much in a hurry to see the return on our investments, very quickly, and when that doesn’t seem to happen, we quickly give up on the pursuit of our dreams. Please understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day; likewise yielding the returns from all your intensive labor, may not come suddenly. But don’t be discouraged, because as long as you remain consistent and focused on the final prize, you will eventually get there.
  5. Wherever you are in your quest for growth, you need to take the next step. Unfortunately, a lot of people are frequently held back by fear, due to the terror of the unknown. The fear of not knowing what is ahead, limits people to just remain in their comfort zones. Generally, humans like some form of certainty, and when that certainty is not guaranteed, people often balk away. But know that if you must become great, if you must be ahead of the pack, you must be ready to take the risk and make the move.

To wrap this up, remaining stagnated in one place without experiencing growth often comes with a price. People become bitter, angry, frustrated and poignant at life, and with everyone else, and this may lead to perpetual sadness, and even depression at the extreme. You do not want to become that way. You have the power to become successful, and that power lies in your hands. Instead of blaming the whole world for your failures, change your strategy and begin to take responsibility for your life. And you will soon begin to see that flicker of light, which you never even knew existed before!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada.



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