A strategic conversation to help set your GOALs for the New Year to motion

Happy New Year to you! Thank you for taking the time to read through my article. But I wanted to use this great opportunity to have a conversation with you, regarding setting GOALs for the New Year. Some people refer to it as New Year’s resolution, but I would rather refer to it as GOAL setting.

It is common place for everyone to be all pumped up, at the beginning of a new year, with dreams and aspirations for the next 12 months. While this practice may sound and feel good, it actually would amount to nothing, if we allow our aspirations for a New Year end in the realm of ‘dreamland’.In the past, I have participated in the hype of setting New Year’s resolutions. But overtime, I have come to realize that, those ‘so-called-resolutions’ are quickly forgotten even before the end of January. You know why? It’s because I had those GOALs (resolutions) in my head, and not in my hands. To make good on those set GOALs, they must be transported from your head, to a location that is easily accessible by the 5 senses, so that they can be seen, felt, smelled, tasted or heard. Only in doing so, do you convert your GOALs or resolutions, from being passive to becoming active. Here, I share 6 tips to help you put your GOALs for the New Year to motion:conversation_Goal setting.jpg

  1. Write down your GOALs. Do not let them remain in your head, but transport them to where they can easily interact with your 5 senses. In this day and age of smart technology, you can have them in your personal devices such as your phones, computer, tablets etc. Or you can also go along with the old traditional style of virtually writing them out on paper. The important point is making sure they are moved out of their original location-your head, to your hands.
  2. Place the written GOALs where you can easily access them. And by access, I mean where your senses can easily communicate with them i.e. where you can easily see or feel them. You can have them also marked on your desk, calendar, organizer, or anywhere else easily accessible by you. You can never underestimate the power of the visual effect on the mind, in achieving set GOALs. Remember that what the eye does not see, it does not beat about; and conversely, what the eye does see, it beats about.
  3. Outline the steps necessary to achieve your GOALs. It is not enough to have GOALs outlined in your notebook, or laptop. To give life to those GOALs, you must have the road map for your journey. This means that, you should have done some basic research about whatever it is you are set to work on.
  4. Define the procedures or list of things that need to be done to accomplish the steps you have listed above. This means, for every phase of your GOAL, you should have a synopsis of everything necessary to check off that phase in the project cycle, once completed.
  5. Have set time lines to track your course. Setting GOALs without establishing time lines is like embarking on a road trip, with no destination in mind. You must know here you are headed, as well as how long the journey should last. So, for each stage of your GOAL, your time line should serve to motivate you to do better to stay on course. For example, if at the inception of your set GOAL, you had allotted 2 weeks for the execution of a particular phase and you find that after being in that phase for 5 weeks, an end date is not in sight; then it is time to adopt the next point.
  6. You must have checks and balances in place. This is sort of a monitoring and evaluation tool to constantly evaluate your progress or failure. Checks and balances provide us with results that are verifiable and authenticated. If you are willing to lend yourself to constant evaluation of your strategies, then you must be ready to make changes if warranted.

The aim of setting GOALs for ourselves or making new resolutions in a New Year is to make us better, either in our health, families, careers, relationships, etc. People do not set GOALs or make resolutions to become worse at anything. Therefore, if you truly are vested in making this one of your best years ever, take your GOAL setting a step further: Move them from your head, to your hands where they can have productive conversations with your senses, and watch to see those dreams of yours become reality!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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