Now that you have FINALLY arrived; What happens Next?

Everyone, irrespective of where we come from, or where we live, always desire a better life. Parents wish and pray all the time for their children to achieve greater things than they did, and we just want to get ahead of the pack and be on top of our games. But what happens when we finally escape that ‘almost zone’, and arrive at the ‘hit it zone’? (Please read my last article on being held back in the ‘almost zonehere:

What else can we do to ensure that we continue to enjoy the benefits of not missing the mark? Do we get all cozy and relaxed, without doing anything else? Or do we continue to safeguard our new position, to prevent us from slipping right back to the ‘almost zone’?

I must tell you something that, success indeed is good, and should be desired by everyone. I should also add that everyone can indeed achieve success, if they set their hearts on getting there. However, it is not enough to only achieve success, we must also be on our guards, to make sure we continue to rest, wine and dine with success. And it may surprise you to know that safeguarding our successful zone, may just be as demanding as the steps we needed to climb to get up the ladder of success. But the truth is that, if you can apply the same principles that got you up that ladder, you can be sure to continue to enjoy the dividends of your hard work.Finally_Now that you have finally arrived.PictureWe all have probably heard stories about people falling from ‘grace to grass’. These are people who probably had been successful, but due to indiscipline or ignorance, were unable to hold their place in the ‘hit it zone’. These people have slipped down that ladder, and may be residing somewhere near the ‘almost zone”. I am sure you do not want to be that way.

Achieving success is a delightful thing and one that should be desired by everyone. We have all been gifted with immense potentials, that it is actually possible for everyone to become successful (assuming that there are different parameters and definitions of success). Personally, I have experienced successes in my life, and I can attest that the feeling that comes with being successful is very exhilarating. In this piece, permit me to share simple tips in ensuring that you continue to hold your place in the ‘hit it zone’ without slipping down to the ‘almost zone’.

  1. You must continuously perfect your craft. I want you to view success as a continuous improvement process, which you must relentlessly work to perfect. No matter how good you are, there would always be someone out there better than you. You must never rest on your oars, because there are others coming behind you, who may get ahead of the game, if you decide to get so comfortable and tire out. Success is a work in progress, which we must continuously sharpen and polish to make it look sharper and brighter, if we want it to continue to emit its glow.Finally2_pexels-photo-267885.jpeg
  2. You must seek to know more. Knowledge is power. Even though you are the best in your field, you must be vested in improving upon your current knowledge; because that’s the only way you give your competitors the run for their money. Carry out your research on the latest trends in your field, and how you can apply up-to-date knowledge to better your craft.
  3. Never take anything or anyone for granted. The little things do matter, so never overlook them. Never relegate or underestimate the contributions of anyone, from the janitor, to the office driver, to the clerk and even the laundry man. The best you can do is to sieve out from all the information you have at your disposal, and go with the ones that align best with your dreams. Sometimes, the most valuable ruby may be found in the most derelict of places. So never take anything or anyone for granted. Create an atmosphere and a culture of ‘every opinion matters’.
  4. Take some time to relax and enjoy all your hard work. You remember that saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?”, that’s especially true in this case. You have really put in your best with sleepless nights, skipped meals, and continuous mental exacerbation; and so you deserve to spoil yourself a little. In the midst of ensuring that you continue to remain in that ‘hit it zone’, take some time to do the things that bring joy to your life. Spend valuable moments with friends and family, and do the things you really love.

Never forget that after all said and done, we will all still be here, pushing limits and breaking boundaries in our ascent to the zenith.

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada




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