Tolerance, Inclusivity and Acceptance: Demonstrating Extravagant Acts of Kindness

Living in a world so full of hatred, bigotry and discrimination, can be pretty tough sometimes. People have been so wrongly wired over the years that, the first reaction to other people who for one reason or the other do not exactly fit into certain societal stereotypes, is that of distrust and skepticism, which further broods animosity.

Even though life is already complicated to live in, it is sad to see that we the people who should make it more welcoming and comfortable to live in, only add an additional layer to its complexities. This should not be the case, and we should be able to do something to derail this course. How can we begin to change the world for those coming behind us? What more can we do as a people to ensure that the generation after us, glide through these terrains with more ease and comfort?

The solution begins with you and me. It requires a shift in our mentality and culture. It requires a change in the way we see and view other people, and the world around us. Could we be more accepting of other people? Could we be more extravagant in our acts of kindness?

Everyone, irrespective of where you come from, or where you currently reside, wants to feel welcome and accepted in their little spheres in life. Every day, we hear stories of social injustices and prejudicial behaviors all around us. And when people grow up with the mind-set that they are not fully welcome in certain societal circles, it harbors hatred and spiteful behavior, which may lead to disaster.extravagant_pexels-photo-275717.jpegFor example, we hear stories of people being bullied everywhere, and surprisingly, this does not only occur with children. Even adults get bullied. What do you think drives the behaviors of bullies? These are people who have been drowned by their flawed minds to believe that they are better (in some uncharacteristic ways) than other people; and in the process unleash acts of hatred and wickedness on others. And unfortunately the victims of their attacks may become so emotionally hurt through their actions, that some even end up taking their own lives. This ought not to be so!

Society can take a stand to do more for the people. Instead of brooding hatred and discrimination, we can all decide to lavishly show love, acceptance and tolerance for our fellow man. We may not get to the point where we become the best of buddies with everyone, but we can at least get to that place of tolerance and acceptance-Tolerating and accepting everyone for who or whatever they are, and not going out of our way to penalize them if they don’t share our views, or fit into a particular stereotype.

We can all truly make this world a welcoming place for everyone to live in. The decision starts with you, and the action begins from your closet. Take a stand for kindness, inclusivity, tolerance and acceptance in your locale, and watch to see a precipitous growth in society, because “united we stand, and divided we fall”!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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