Success is Deliberate; Not Accidental!

Not many people were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and therefore had success delivered to them on their laps. If you belong to the majority of people who needed to work their way up the ladder of success, then this piece is for you.

Success is not accidental, but involves a conscious and deliberate set of tasks geared towards achieving a desired outcome. The truth is that the world is framed in such a way that, in order for you to become truly successful, (except you are amongst the very ‘significantly privileged few’), you have to develop an attitude of proclivity towards success. i.e., you have to be willing to show up every day, adding small nuggets of flavor to that dream of yours.

Unfortunately, many of us due to ignorance, or a lack of understanding of this basic life principle that, “nothing good comes easy”, are very quick to give up on our dreams, when faced with any form of roadblocks. We must understand that the systems of the world weren’t designed to favor everyone. However, our determination to succeed, must be matched with the consciousness that, irrespective of the challenges encountered on the way, we would keep pressing on, until we achieve our dreams.

If you take a closer look at people who have come out very successful, you will realize that they didn’t achieve success over night. They for the most part, first believed in their dreams, and were consistent and deliberate in the actions that got them to that pinnacle of success.

Do you truly desire success? Have you attempted that route and given up mid-way in your pursuit? Here, I share 5 deliberate actions to take, if you truly want to become successful:Proclivity_woman-2773007_1920

  1. Have a set goal in mind: You cannot just say you want to be successful, without being explicit about what ‘that’ success means to you. For example, the definition of success for someone in the Banking industry may be significantly different from someone in the Medical industry. You must define the parameters of success as it applies to you, and be explicit in setting goals that give credibility to that definition.
  2. Design the plan for achieving that goal (and also make room for a plan B incase, plan A fails): There are several routes for getting to a particular destination. While some may be shorter but filled with many speed bumps and pot holes, others may be longer, but with a relatively smoother commute. You must decide what works best for you, taking into consideration your peculiar and individual situation. This is where you ask the questions: “what do I need to get to my destination?”, “who do I need to get in touch with for that career advice?”, “what trainings, certifications or career enhancing tools do I need to obtain?”, “what would this venture cost and how do I afford it?”, etc. No matter how perfectly orchestrated that plan looks, be ready to make adjustments, and be flexible to embrace change and reroute your journey, if the original plan doesn’t work out.
  3. Be consistent in adding bits and pieces as you execute your plan: One thing that seems common with truly successful people is the proclivity to be consistent. Successful people show up consistently, in nurturing their dreams. You must be willing to take baby steps every day, week, month or year, depending on your situation. Consistency is key, as it not only motivates you to keep pushing and advancing closer to the finish line, but it also motivates your team, if you are lucky enough to have one.
  4. Have a set time-line: You cannot leave your success pursuit in the hands of chance. The attitude of “whatever happens; happens”, should be very far away from you if you truly want to become successful. You must have a time line of activities and events that would inch you closer to your goals. You cannot leave it open, because then you are prone to just relax, and allow chance dictate the ultimate outcome of your goal. Achieving success is a deliberate task, and so you must also be deliberate in the actions and activities that draw you closer to getting success, and that includes the valuable use of your time.
  5. If none of the above actions work out, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You may need to change your approach, or re-strategize all together, but never give up. Even if things do not go exactly as planned, be happy that you have at least achieved something: you have learned valuable lessons about why one route did not work out. Instead of feeling all gloomy, depressed or even lazy, it is time to take a look at Plan B. And for all you know, even if this route may seem longer, it may leave you smiling down the hall way of success, if you will but never give up!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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  1. Hassan Zada says:

    very nice. i love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Evi Abada says:

    Thanks Hassan. I appreciate you taking the time to read my article. Cheers!


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