The Miraculous: If you can dream it; you can feel it

Mindy grew up with the mentality that success was only guaranteed by working extra hard. But she sometimes got confused while holding unto this belief. Because, her parents whom she knew worked really hard were nothing close to being described as successful, as her family barely managed to get by.

She and her 2 younger brothers went to the local community school, and her parents sometimes had a hard time buying their required educational materials. At the extreme, they even skipped some meals, as her mother sometimes had to ration their meal potions. Their meal schedules were sometimes, 1:0:1-(eat breakfast, skip lunch, eat dinner); 0:1:1-(skip breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner); and 1:1:0-(eat breakfast, eat lunch, skip dinner).

Notwithstanding, she told herself from a very young age that she would do all she could to have a better life than her own parents did. Therefore, all through her elementary and high school, she did her best to always come out in flying colors in her academic pursuits, and was always graciously rewarded with all the best prices at school.

However, even as she continued to excel, and with that continued determination to surpass all benchmarks, she wished she could go on to attend college. But that dream had seemed far-fetched, because her parents could not afford to send her to college, as they had lacked the financial means to do so. In the dark of her room, she frequently fantasized about becoming a pediatrician-a doctor that took care of children, because she wanted to help all the children in her community from dying from preventable diseases. She however, knew that her aspiration only ended in dreamland, as there appeared to be no conceivable way for her to achieve her dreams, except something miraculous or extraordinary happened to make it a reality. But she doubted the existence of such phenomenon, because she had never experienced any supernatural events in her life.miraculous pexels-photo-734962.jpegTherefore, at the graduation ceremony from high school, where some of her peers were being handed admission letters to the colleges of their choice, Mindy had sat there cheering them on as their names were being called. And just after the last name was called with the expectations that the ceremony was over, Mindy heard her own name mentioned by the principal. At first, she hadn’t responded because she thought the principal had made a mistake by calling her name. But after he repeated it again and beckoned on her to come forward, she had gotten up and walked shakily to accept a sealed envelope from her school’s principal.

It turned out that Mindy had been offered a scholarship to go study abroad, by a Missionary group who had visited the community high school, with the aim of sponsoring one student through college. And because she had the best grades academically, she had been easily awarded that scholarship. The miraculous had found its way to her, and she had been given the opportunity to wake up from the dreamland, and back into reality.

  • Sometimes in life, the puzzle may not be complete, and we may be held back if we continue to wait for the big picture to happen first. It is worthwhile to focus on the things we have control over, and not allow the things we cannot control derail us from working towards achieving our goals. Even though Mindy saw no way to go to college, she continued to stay focused and continued to excel academically which made it easy for her to be awarded the only scholarship when the opportunity presented itself.
  • The outcome of your life is not dependent on that of your parents or forbears. Choose to have a positive mentality on life, believing that anything is possible irrespective of the odds stacked up against you. “If you can dream it, you can feel it”.
  • Success in life may not be a 100% dependent on hard work alone. Leave room for the possibility of the miraculous to have its effect on your life. If success was guaranteed by only hard work alone, Mindy’s parents could have been very rich, and had the means to send her to college. But where hard work failed, the miraculous made the difference.

Keep dreaming Big. Open your heart to the manifestation of endless possibilities. “If you can dream it, you can feel it”!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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