5 Fears standing between you and your dreams

Can you remember when you were little, and how you had wild dreams and aspirations that you held on to strongly? Can you remember how you wanted to change the world, and how good that really made you feel? Can you remember how easy it was for you to vocalize what you wanted to become, when you grew up? Can you remember the goals you set for yourself at certain ages or stages of your life?

Looking back at those ‘good-old-days’, can you confidently say you have done well for yourself by following through on those dreams and aspirations, or do you look back now and tell yourself that those were borne out of ‘childish’ innocence, or had been the figment of your imagination? If you belong to the first group i.e. achieved your dreams, and still pushing the limits to achieve greater things, I will say congratulations to you. However, if you unfortunately belong to the second group, where you have already concluded that those ‘childish’ dreams ended when you were still a teenager, then this article is for you.

You see, no man was born empty. We were all born with innate abilities, enough to make the best out of this world. But the problem is that we are often held back, torn-between the line of, ‘to do it, or not to do it’. We find ourselves vacillating back and forth between taking the steps towards achieving our dreams, and without perseverance and focus, quickly give up on that journey, and settle for anything else that life throws at us.

Here, I reveal 5 fears standing between you and your dreams, while you continue to dither around your life’s goals:

  1. The fear of yourself: So many times, we are held back by the fear of ourselves. We unfortunately limit ourselves, due to some ‘man-made’ philosophies. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough; not qualified enough; not complete enough. To make matters worse, if there happens to be a job description, where we do not have 100 percent of the requirements, we tend to turn the other way, instead of enlisting in the race. No recruiter will tell you this: If you have 50% of the requirements for a particular position, go for it. I can guarantee you that, it would be almost impossible to find someone who has exactly everything they are looking for, in the perfect quantity and quality. I have applied for jobs where I did not meet a 100% of the recruiting requirements, and have had favorable outcomes. Be confident of your abilities, and be ready to tell the world that you bring something unique to the table.fear_pexels-photo-594421
  2. The fear of failure: This one is a big one. Many people are so afraid of failing that they do not even want to try at all. If you have not failed before, how would you learn to sharpen your skills to get it right the next time? It is better to fail while trying, than not to even attempt trying at all. We must get to the point where we are comfortable to tell ourselves that it is ok to fail, and then give that dream a shot. Even if you come back failing, you would have learned something that may increase your chance of success subsequently. And you may even be surprised to find out that it turned out successful. But how would you ever get to that point, if you do not even try it out in the first place?
  3. The fear of others: Sometimes, we may become torn between taking the first step towards our goal, and remaining in the exact same place, because of the fear of our fellow man. We give so much credence to the opinions and thoughts of others, and in the process allow their perceptions, drown our aspirations. You must realize that, you are the only one that can beat your own drum, to produce the sound of music that would be most suiting to you. Why care about what others think, if they were not the ones that conceived that dream so many years ago? They weren’t there when you told yourself you wanted to change the world. So, why consider their opinions now and let it prevent you from ascending the ladder of success?
  4. The fear of wasted time, effort or resources: We are sometimes bothered about the reward of spending our time, effort and resources on something we do not know the outcome of. We tell ourselves, “what if this becomes a total waste of time?” The question I want you to ask yourself instead is, “what if does not become a total waste of time and turns out successful?” As humans, the tendency to first see things with our pessimistic lenses; is more prevalent than seeing through the lens of our optimistic eyes. Instead of saying, “what if at the end of the day I have wasted all my valuable resources in pursuing this goal?” say instead, “what if this becomes a total breakthrough in today’s world?
  5. The fear of the future: “What does the future hold?” “I don’t know if I would be able to do A, B, or C if I go ahead and pursue this goal”. “I don’t know if I would be able to buy a house, send my children to college, or go on the best vacations, if I invest my resources in this project that may lead to the realization of my dream”. Why bother about the future, when you can make the effort today to make it brighter? Be confident, with a positive mentality that the future would take care of itself. Do the things you are supposed to do now to advance towards your goal, and relax and stay calm.

To conclude this, instead of going back and forth, torn between, to do it, or not to do it, just do it anyway; because that is the prerequisite step to inch closer to your goals. Remember, “if you consider the wind, you will not sow, and be ready in time for the harvest”.

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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