Little Acts of Love and Kindness: “Our Common Calling”

One of the best lies we frequently tell ourselves is that, we will be able to help others more, when we get to certain places or positions in life. We constantly short-change ourselves and others, of the immense potentials we have all been gifted with. To put it easily, I personally do not believe in the ‘lies’, that anyone was born empty. We were all born with something special, and what differentiates one person from the other is the extent to which we put that inner treasure to good use. Never allow anyone’s vocalization of “you are not worth anything”, prevent you from searching out, and finding that true gem that you possess.

You see, we all are at different stages and phases of our lives, and have the inherent abilities to make the world a better place, through our little bits of love and kindness. You do not have to acquire a ‘Bill Gates’, or ‘Mark Zuckerberg‘ status, to impact the life of your next door neighbor. That little boy down the street that always walks by to school with no shoes on his feet, do you think you could spare him your cup of coffee to protect his feet from injuries? That family often clad in tattered clothes, would you be willing to put smiles on their faces, by cleaning out your wardrobe of apparels you haven’t worn in years? What about the food you are throwing away? Could you spread some love and warmth, by visiting homeless families who live under the bridges, with no thoughts of where their next meals would come from?Calling_386673_1920.jpgRegardless of our individual vocations, we can truly make an impact in the lives of others. Sometimes, impacting someone else may not have to be in any material form. So many people are depressed, frustrated and in despair, and truly long for a genuine human to pour their hearts to. Some people just need someone to hear them out, and let out all the frustrations they have long bottled within them. They need a shoulder to lean on; to cry on, but their fears of rejection have made them vulnerable to self-destructive tendencies, including the very extreme-suicide.

We can all make tangible, actionable decisions to impact the people in our world. You may not have the resources to impact lives all around the globe, but you can make a difference in the lives of the people in your community-neighborhood, work place, market places, etc. A smile, hug or uplifting words of encouragement, can make a whole lot of difference in the lives of others.

You still do not know if you have the calling to make a difference in the lives of those around you? Go ahead and answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What is usually your first reaction when you hear of people suffering in your community or in other parts of the world regardless of your current location?
  2. Have you ever wished that you had more resources to help others?
  3. When an opportunity within your reach arises for you to volunteer your skills or time to help others, how do you often respond?
  4. How do you regard other people who may not necessarily be within your social circle- “fellow humans” or “other commodities”?

To wrap this up, always remember that we are all unique pieces in the ‘puzzle’ called life. We complete one another, and can truly impact those around us if we choose to. We all have a ‘common calling’ to make this world a better place for all of us to live in; although the extent and reach of this call may differ, based on our individual longitudes and latitudes in life. But what matters is our resolve to continue to spread love and good will to the people in our world!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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