Dancing in the rain: Amanda’s moment of pure bliss

She had never experienced anything like it before. She had always known that there was more at the ‘other’ side of the world. And like her little mind had conceived, she wasn’t at all disappointed.

Amanda was born in Canada to migrant Kenya parents. At age 8, she had already begun to feel trapped in her regimented lifestyle. From when she was 3 years, she was the girl that always wanted to express her inner passion, regardless of where she was, or who was around her. But her parents had from her very tender years, been strict on the extent of her self-expression, and made certain that she had set limits for whenever they were outside their home.

This little girl apart from wanting desperately to just be a child and enjoy the tenderness of those years, also wanted to be unrestrained. She wanted to be free to express her inner fervor, regardless of the prevailing circumstances. But her parents never gave her the opportunity to do so. She was already suffocating from living a life of rules and regulations, and she desperately sought for a means of escape. For example, her mother frequently told her, “Amanda you can’t talk to Mr. A or Mrs. B because ….”, “you can’t play outside even if that is what you would like to do right now, because….”, “you don’t look like this person or that person, so you can’t behave like them because…..”, and the list goes on.

Therefore, when her parents informed her that they were going to travel to their hometown in Kenya for the summer holiday, Amanda had looked forward to the journey with the hopes of the opportunity to express her inner charm. And more so, because her mother had frequently told her that everyone back home lived as family, and did everything in a similar way, because ‘everyone’ looked like ‘everyone’.dancing in the rain_pexels-photo-206274

To her utmost delight, it turned out that her mother had indeed been right. Her experience in Kenya was everything her mother had told her, and some more. She met many of her cousins for the first time, and was enthralled at the simplicity and genuineness, with which she was received. And you know what her most exciting experience was? It was the sheer bliss of dancing in the rain. Back in Canada, when it rained, they were all tucked in, and told countless stories of how sick they would become, if they stayed out in the rain for longer than necessary.

Therefore, she was initially shocked when she got to Kenya and saw children her age dancing and singing with reckless abandon, under the rain. Although her little mind had initially wondered why they weren’t told of the consequences of having a good time in the rain; that initial skepticism was quickly replaced with the delight of finally having the opportunity to express her inner will.

Dancing in the Kenya rain with other children felt heavenly, as Amanda soaked herself in the bliss of letting her inner strength shine through. That was her moment of bliss and glamour, and she knew she could never trade that feeling for anything in the world!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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