Success is not cheap

Success is not cheap. It involves hours, weeks, months or even years of planning, which may leave you sleep-deprived and rob you of some desired pleasures. You may experience more reasons to quit the hustle, than to keep pushing the limits. But the end result is always gratifying if you are determined to commit to it, and persevere in the face of adverse circumstances.

Success is not cheap. It requires the thoughtful execution of strategic modalities, intended to take you to your desired destination. This may involve extensive hours of brain power, which may leave you fatigued and worn out. You may also need to put in more effort in staying healthy, because only healthy people can indeed breathe and produce success. But, don’t stress over it, because once you achieve success, you quickly forget all the pain that accompanied the gruesome journey towards your desired outcome.

Success is not cheap. It may cost you your loved ones, friends and other associates, who may not buy into the vision that you see. It may cost you, your play dates and team mates. You may become drowned by naysayers whose goal may be to beat the loudest drums of your shortfalls, on why you may never come close to success. Don’t take this personally. Keep pushing, until you achieve your dreams. One more thing: don’t bother to lose sleep over the fact that you may be the only one standing with the blueprint of your success sketch in hand; because, once you arrive at success’ destination, it would attract more friends and associates towards you. Most people want to be associated with success.Success_pexels-photo-261630

Success is not cheap. You may need to lose all you have, before you gain the juicy succulence of its results. You may lose your job, bank account, car, house etc. in your desire to be successful. You may have to skip meals, and face the realities of life’s harshest circumstances. Be patient, and try not to worry too much about all the thorns on the road to success. If you are patient enough to persevere through the hard times, you will soon end up with the fattest calf.

Success is not cheap. You may have to spend longer hours differentiating between the dream killers and the dream facilitators. You may have to rationalize comments, attitudes and gestures of those with whom you have walked with all your life. You may become exposed to the true nature of people, which you may never have uncovered, if you hadn’t decided to begin your solo journey to success. Be prepared for the aftermath of this realization, because it may cost you previously treasured relationships which may rip your heart apart.

Success is not cheap. You may have to try several times, making mistakes, learning from the, before you finally get it right. Don’t be perturbed by this fact. Remember that Rome was not built in a day, neither did the Israelites get to the promised land in a week. If you truly desire to be successful, be ready for when the ‘unwanted’ results show up. It will test your determination and resilience. Truly successful people do not buckle under, or give in in the face of adverse circumstances.

Success is not cheap. You may have to lose ALL; to get ALL. Very few people have achieved success without paying a price. But be resolute. Be focused. Be determined. Prepare for the gloomy days, and be ready for the joyful days. Have a plan; have a goal. Ignore the negative banters and applaud the positive reinforcers. Because, before you realize it, you may be dining and wining with success, where you quickly forget the thistle ridden path to the actualization of the real you- A successful YOU!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada



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