Life is like a rolling ball

I did a double-check, because I thought my eyes were deceiving me. What could she be doing in the same room as me? This is the story of an encounter with Deborah, one of the big ‘giants’ at an organization I had previously worked for.

Deborah was one of the executives at that organization and amongst the decision makers, while I was just a regular career woman. At that organization, I could never have sat in the same meeting space with Deborah. Although she had been one of our  bosses, I had truly admired her because she did her best to come down to ‘our’ level. She never rubbed it in our faces that she was the boss, while we were her subordinates. Therefore, I was really taken aback, when I arrived a few minutes late for my meeting, and right across from me was my dear Deborah! Where I sat all through the meeting, there was only one question on my mind: “what is she doing here?”

The meeting finally came to an end, and as you would expect, I quickly ran over to meet her. I gave her a warm big hug, and the first question I asked her was “what are you doing here?”


To cut the long story short, it turned out that she had been laid off from her former position, and was now working in the same organization as I was, at the same career level as me. I mean, we were now peers, so to speak. She had been jobless for over a year, as she had been unable to find the exact type of job at the former organization, and had therefore ended up with “whatever she got”. Someone who had been a boss, now my peer? I was dumbstruck, and I left her with these thoughts on my mind:

  1. Life is really like a ball. Sometimes, it may roll towards you, and at other times, it may roll away from you. But be careful how you kick that ball when you have it between your legs, because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.
  2. Never abuse the opportunity of being at the top today. Treat everyone around you as humans and with respect, because you never know when and where you may meet someone tomorrow. You never want to find that the person you have mistreated in the past, is now in the position to determine the course of your destiny.
  3. The fact that someone who was a former boss/peer/colleague mistreated you, does not mean you have to do the same, in the event that nature somehow finds a way of connecting you back together again. Be the bigger person. Pay it forward. Be the human!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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