The Character Bottle-What’s your content?

Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive of an individual. It refers to a person’s personality, nature, disposition, temperament, mentality, qualities, traits or identity. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines character as the way someone thinks, feels and behaves.

A bottle is a container, typically made of glass or plastic and with a narrow neck, used for storing drinks or other liquids. Bottles come in different shapes and sizes to serve the unique purpose it was originally intended for.

The content of a bottle is dependent on 2 factors:

  • What is put into it and
  • How much (the quantity) of what is put into it.olive-oil-356102_1920

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You may decide to have your bottle filled with only one substance, or you may decide to have a mixture- i.e. filled with different things. I want you to think of a person’s character as a bottle. Whatever you see on the exterior is the result of what has been poured into it over a long period of time. Depending on whatever has been poured into the bottle, that character can be sweet, bitter, sour, stale or putrid. Little wonder then, how you get to meet someone, and you are quickly able to determine the content of their bottles!

The good thing about the character bottle is that, its contents can be modified at any time to produce a desired outcome. It however, only requires a conscious decision on the part of the owner of the bottle to make it happen. You can decide to have all the best ingredients in your bottle; or you can as well decide to have the worst. You can also decide to have more of one ingredient, or less of the other. Or you can even decide to have none of any ingredient-meaning, you can decide for your bottle to be completely empty, with no intention of impacting any life around. It is a personal decision.

It is imperative to note that the content of our character bottles may be influenced by many factors. Just like different juice flavors produced by different brands end up tasting differently, likewise, depending on the factors at play, no 2 character bottles can be exactly similar. Our character bottles may be influenced by many factors including our family experiences, environment, peer group, experiences of others and our own innate compositions.

Little wonder that some parents, whose children end up becoming a menace to society, are quick to state that “he/she didn’t get that from us”, or “We are not known for / associated with that”. The reason? Those children had their character bottles contaminated by the wrong factors. And just like the aroma from a broken fragrance bottle quickly fills the air with its scent and allure, a broken character bottle is quickly discernible for what it is worth. Its content will often speak for itself.

Imagine a world where we all have our character bottles filled with love, kindness, and tolerance for one another in different proportions? What a wholesome and delightful place it would be to live in.

While you may not currently have all these awesome contents inside your bottle, would you be willing to pour some of these attributes into it? Every valuable process in life begins with a decision. You have to make the decision to make better of the contents of your bottle.

Let your character bottle emanate a sweet swelling aroma that invigorates, and not deprecate the people around you. And guess what? No matter how putrid the contents of your bottle may be, you can always decide to change its contents at any time. It starts with only a decision. So go ahead, make that decision and let’s all make this world the best place to live in!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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