Take the first step

Many of us are familiar with the fact that when a baby takes their first step, it is often highly celebrated. One of the greatest steals of human potential is procrastination. And sadly enough, we all procrastinate for various reasons- fear of failure, fear of ourselves, fear of others, inadequate preparation, etc. Before a baby eventually takes that first step, they would have spent a good amount of time learning to crawl and pulling to their feet.


Picture credit: https://pixabay.com

The hardest part of any Great venture is the first step. But once you overcome that initial anxiety, you may become amazed at how the maze would just begin to open up for you. Do you have a dream? Is there something productive you are passionate about? Have you pushed it off to a later date?

Often times, we fall prey to our minds deceiving us that there will be a better or more convenient time to do A, B, or C. Don’t be held back by procrastination or the other strings attached to it. Take the first step towards your dream or goal, and you may be amazed at how the world would light up for You!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada


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