No, You Shouldn’t Delete Facebook (At least Not yet!)

“…. rather than go all crazy about deleting our Facebook accounts, I think what we should really be talking about is how to effectively use these social media platforms in more productive ways that limit our vulnerability to unscrupulous elements.”


Why everyone can make a difference in the world

“If we have to go through life with the drive to achieve all the success that we can possibly get, without thought on how to impact the life of just one person, then I believe that all our efforts can be discounted for nothing.”

Autism and de-stigmatizing People living with Disabilities

I work in the clinical research industry and most of my work centers around the genetic aspects of neurodevelopmental disorders. Getting to understand the science and pathophysiology of these disorders have been a humbling experience for me. As a result of my work, I now have significantly more knowledge than most of the general population,…